Vassen Sirius Brown Review

Vassen Sirius Brown Review

Hellooooo~ Hope you had a wonderful week!

It’s time again! Another review for you! This time: Vassen Sirius Brown!

Vassen Sirius Brown

Nya~ I totally love my Rilakkuma lens case I got with my last order from modes4u. ^-^ Brown case for brown lenses..

Vassen Sirius Brown

Vassen Sirius Brown

Vassen Sirius Brown

With flash and only left lens

Vassen Sirius Brown

without flash

Vassen Sirius Brown

with flash

Vassen Sirius Brown:

What I love:

  • The Color – So soft and light brown, I was looking for that type of lens a long time. Melts with my natural eye color.
  • The Effect – Natural looking but interesting, big eyes. Even though it has a 15mm diameter, you cannot recognize. Gently enlarging the eyes.
  • The Price – Great lenses for a great Price! 1 year disposal.
  • The Comfort – Not too dry, not like my other Vassen lenses. I don’t know why there’s a difference, but I wore them a few hours before I used my eyedrops the first time. First my eyes felt a bit itchy, but I got used to it after a few minutes and winks. I usually don’t wear contacts, so I think this is normal in the beginning.

What I hate:


I was looking for a light brown, that is going well with light eyes. My last brown lenses were dark brown, so if I looked into the light, you could see a clear cut from the brown lenses to my light blue eyes even from far. I liked the lenses especially with brown and natural makeup. They are good to wear with the latest makeup trend: big, straight brows and orange or coral lips.

Vassen Sirius Brown

focus on the pattern. pixel-eyes :D


Vassen Sirius Brown

Maybe you noticed, I changed my hairstyle a lot :D

Somehow a lot changed in the last few months. I am not a student until october anymore (if everything goes well ^^“) and I am only working and just live for the day.

I am currently working in my father’s company as a temp. I had to quit my studies because of math. Yes I am really pathetic :D SH.. Maths is really destroying my life until now. But I already know what I want to study next. haha sounds like am am playing around the universities.. But I am serious. Think Economics wasn’t my case anyway. I (hope I) will start korean studies in winter and I am really looking forward.

Also I got injured a lot these days. My ankle and my hand during only 3 weeks. My hand got burned and my ankle was sprained. I am really clumsy :D:D Just for the people who are interested in how I am doing.

Yeeees~~~ Btw I would be really happy if you’d follow me on Instagram! :3 Nooo I’m not begging! How come you think like that..?

Oh oh, also, may I introduce my new poster to you? :D

Lee Min Ho

Isn’t it great?

I guess that’s it for today. Please stay healthy until next time!

much love~

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