Vassen Dolly Plus Violet Review

Vassen Dolly Plus Violet Review for you guys!!!

Oh Happy Easter everyone! Hope you enjoy the holidays with your family, wether your religious or not. Well, I have to say I’m not :D:D But I think it’s still important to respect the people who are really celebrating these days. And of course eating many eggs! Eggs are good. Hahaha sorry.

A few days ago I received my order from and now as always here’s my Vassen Dolly Plus violet
review for my dear readers.

Vassen Dolly Plus Review

Here are my first Vassen Circlelenses! I was wondering how they will feel like because I always see girls wearing Vassen in their pictures on their blogs and I used to wear GEO lenses so far.

Btw I am also wearing the Eyemazing 003 falsies. They’re really perfect for my eye shape. I didn’t need to trim or bow them. And also today I recognized that I were totally wrong about the Dolly Wink Eyelash glue that came with my first pair of DW falsies. Its actually really good. I didn’t find any of my other glues so I had to use it. Now I am happy I did. But still the white color is bothering me. However.

Vassen Dolly Plus Review

That’s what the lenses look like. They got a matching case hehe. I like the free animal lens cases from pinkyparadise. But somehow every time, even if I clean the case twice, a lot of dust gets inside.

Vassen Dolly Plus Review

And yes, you’re right, this is me with the lenses. I did a darker eye makeup with a hint of night blue because the violet is not natural, it looked weird with natural makeup.

Here is my natural eye color:

Vassen Dolly Plus Review

Before, and after:

Vassen Dolly Plus Review

The Lashes I used:

Eyemazing 003

The Pattern of the Lenses:

Vassen Dolly Plus Review

Vassen Dolly Plus Violet:

What I love:

  • The Color – So cute and really impressive violet! As you can see its a really nice and deep violet.
  • The Effect – Not too enlarging (14,5mm) and the circle is nice and gentle so it gives a not too overwhelmed dolly like look to your eyes, without looking like an alien.
  • The Price – Worth it! Also the shipping was very fast! And 1 year disposal.

What I hate:

  • The Comfort – I couldn’t wear it too long. They are also as dry as the GEO lenses I had before. And this time it wasn’t because I had too less sleep. But with eyedrops this problem is also solved. 

Still, I liked them, but I think it is really just for special events to wear them. For me, the color was really matching my skin type and hair color and I felt like a cute anime girl with violet eyes hehe.

Another photo of my full make that day~

Vassen Dolly Plus Violet Review

Vassen Dolly Plus Violet Review

Hope you enjoy Easter with your family! Even if you’re not celebrating, I think it’s a good opportunity to be together with your family :)

See you next time and if you liked my vassen dolly plus violet review, gimme some feedback in the comment box, I’m always thankful for your opinions and suggestions!

Much LOVE~

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