Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume Mascara

Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume Mascara is my new favourite for everyday!

With their german online shop Missha finally made it happen that girls from germany could order Missha products online from germany and a while ago they also opended their first offline shop!

Sadly I can’t go there but I ordered some products from their website and one of them was the MISSHA The Style Viewer 270 Dolly Eye Mascara (Princess Volume)!

Missha is well known for their BB Cream (I posted a review a long time ago) but I was interested in some other kind of makeup so I decided to order this cute looking mascara, since I needed one.

The mascara comes with a volumizing brush, it’s tip is a bit thinner, you can reach the small lashes in the inner corner, too and create doll like eyes. It’s a non-waterproof type and can be removed easily with makeup remover, but doesn’t immediately smudge if you have contact with water or have teary eyes. I think that’s a pretty good point.

Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume

Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume

Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume

Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume

I really like the volumizing effect, because the lashes are not drowning in mascara after one layer and sticking together. I took some photos before and after applying the mascara:


Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume Mascara

and here’s the result AFTER applying the Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume Mascara


Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume

Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume

The layer seems a bit thick but keep in mind that I took a photo of just my eyes^^ and to be honest I applied in a little hurry… bit with some effort the result will be really beautiful!! I swear! :3

The Missha Dolly Eye Princess Volume Mascara:

What I love:

  • The Effect – (realistic) volume for your lashes
  • The Comfort – no crumbles, not hard as stone
  • The Price – 9,90€ (without shipping) is a quite reasonable price
  • The Brush – Big, volumizing part and thin tip for the smaller lashes
  • Not-Waterproof-but-also-not-non-resistant – if you know what I mean haha

What I hate:

Nothing, I will buy it again. xD

The mascara reminds a little of the Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara. But somehow I wasn’t that disappointed of the „volumizing“ effect as I was when I bought the Lancôme Mascara. I think the Volume is quite similar to the lancome one, but I paid 2/3 of the price for it.. This defenitely my pick for everyday makeup!

I will enjoy my birthday with some cake and coffee and what will you do today? ^-^


Missha BB BOOMER Review

Missha BB BOOMER Review!

Missha BB Boomer Review for you!

Hello my dear readers (if I have any *sobsob*), how have you been so far? Maybe you saw my pictures on Instagram, I was traveling around! So please excuse my break from blogging ^-^“

As I mentioned in my Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler BB CREAM review post, I wanted to try the Missha BB Boomer as well and after a few times of using under different circumstances, I will finally share my experience with you. I bought it at Amazon.de.


Missha BB Boomer

The package is a tube with a convenient pump applicator.

Missha BB Boomer

The product itself is a white, pink shimmery, creamy fluid with a nice scent.

Missha BB Boomer

Usage is easy as always, just apply a bean sized amount on the face and let the skin absorb the fluid. Apply BB Cream after.

Missha BB Boomer

So this is my face right after showering and skincare. I have a small irritation on my cheek. Good to see how long-lasting the BB Cream is combined with the Missha BB Boomer.

Then I applied my Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream.

Missha BB Boomer

My red spot is completely covered now.

Continue and complete the makeup.

Missha BB Boomer

I took this pic right after finishing my makeup. Always remember my red spot on the cheek.

Missha BB Boomer

And tadaaah~ this is my face after half a day, went outside, changed my clothes, put on circle lenses etc.. Still you cannot see my irritations!

Missha BB Boomer Review:

What I love:

  • The Feeling – Light and not too sticky, not cakey. Has a really nice scent. Doesn’t plug the pores.
  • The Quality – Survives a normal, not too busy day easily. It surely has a limit, like very hot weather and sweat a whole day long – it gives up after a while. Also if you rub your face like a few minutes long, no chance for the primer.
  • The Price – Not expensive. But not as cheap as in the origin country of course.

What I hate:

  • If you are using a really fat facial cream or an additional sun protection, it could be that the primer „swims“ on the skin, that means that it could be rub off very easily. Just like aqua planing. I have the feel, that this product works better on cold days. But I think this is a general primer problem.

When I visited Seoul, with its humid, hot weather, I used this primer every day. It did a really great job, and I really needed my makeup long-lasting, because I was sweating a bit, thanks to the unusual climate. I forgot to use it one day, and you could really see the difference in the evening. Plus, it doesn’t plug the pores like other primer I used before. It’s worth its price in every case.


Phew, it’s really hard to talk about products, that can barely be seen on photos. I hope you somehow got the points though. I have to say, that the results of products like this primer always also depend on the skin type. Keep that always in mind.

Anyway, thank you for your visit and I hope to welcome you again.

See you very soon~ 


Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream Review

Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler No. 21

Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler Review!


Hello Cuties~

Today I want to show you my new favorite bb cream: The Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream!

First of all I want to tell you a bit about my skin, because I can only tell you about MY experience with it and I cannot guarantee it will works same on your skin. My facial skin is different from my body’s, it is very sensitive and gets dry quickly. I got some thin wrinkles thanks to facial expression (Am I too emotional?) and many freckles spread all over my face (thank you sun) yay. Since I am in my early twenties, I switched to anti-age skincare and so I chose the Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler because it promises to fight against the aging process and cover or fill in small wrinkles it also says it will moisturize and cover ski irritations and giving SPF 37. It also says something about nobel prize substance in it, but to be honest I ignored that sentence because I never heard about that.

So this is the package:

Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler Review


Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler Review

And you can see the swirl in the
middle? It is split up into the beige cream to cover the skin
irritations and the white wrinkle filler cream! When you get one
pump, you need to mix it together and you can see how the beige and
white cream melt into one.

Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler


So please people be warned, I will show my bare face nao.


I hope it’s close enough to see my freckles, wrinkles and dark circles.

And now after applying the Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler:

Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler Review

*happy Lisa is happy* Lol (*´▽`*)


Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler No. 21:

What I love:

  • The coverage – covers my freckles and almost everything else perfectly! almost no dark shades anymore (except my deep gabps TT-TT)!
  • The texture – very smooth and light, not too heavy, even though it covers so well!
  • The filling effect – i can barely see any wrinkles anymore!
  • The moisturizing effect – keeps my dry skin moisturized a very long time!
  • The price – not too expensive and even available in germany!! Check out Amazon or Missha-Germany!

What I hate:

  • It is not very long-lasting if you have very oily skin or use extra sun protection under it. But this should be a problem that could be fixed easily. I also ordered the Missha BB Boomer, that should make the cream more long-lasting and I will add a post about it, too.

I rate this product:

All in All my new fav almost everyday bb cream! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


Alright guys, thank you for reading! I have to do some sports now so, that’s it for today. I ate a bit too much, so I have to do some late night running nao..

XOXO gugl