Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara

Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara Review!

This time I’ll review the Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara that I got last time I visited Myeongdong. These days there’s a big hype about Aprilskin, especially because they opened their first offline store inside the Lotte Young Plaza in Seoul Myeongdong! Many people streamed there to be one of the first people to buy and get incredible discount at the shop. I visited right on their first days when they had a 50% discount offer and got me a few things from the brand. Btw I got a free mirror because I uploaded a picture of my visit on Facebook.

I actually just have one mascara I am using everyday (Dolly Wink) and I thought it’s time for a backup. So I decided to buy the mascara since it is was only 9.000 Won.

The Mascara comes with two brushes: one skinny side and one volume side. I totally dislike the skinny brushes because all I tried so far had no effect on my already quite long black lashes. But this mascara has a volume brush too, so I thought if I don’t like this brush as well I can at least use the volume brush. But it should become my new favorite mascara including the skinny brush!

The Aprilskin Magic-cara is not waterproof and can be removed easily. It stays all day if you don’t rub your eyes or wash your face. I love to wear it for both, day and evening makeup. The It should be applied in two easy steps: 1. use the skinny side for elongate your lashes and define them. Also your lashes stay seperate eventhough you use the volume brush in the 2. step. Also, you can reach the inner smaller lashes and also – if you have round eyes like me – the outer angled lashes. Then as mentioned, the 2. step is the volumizing brush that gives a fuller look. If you want to go for a clear and defined look you can just skip the second step.

I think the Aprilskin Magic-cara is a really good product regarding the price. Sometimes the lashes stick together, especially if I am in a hurry I just quickly apply it, but honestly, is there any volume brush that is perfectly separating the lashes while giving volume? I didn’t find that mascara yet.

Aprilskin Magic-cara Review

What I love:

  • The Quality – Two brushes, two options and a good quality compared to the price
  • The Price – On sale definitely even one of my cheapest mascaras!
  • The Effect – Finally I got volume on my lashes without using falsies!

What I hate:

  • Not Waterproof – I wish they had a waterproof option, too
  • Sticky – Sometimes lashes stick together, but thats not a big problem

Besides my Dolly Wink Mascara the Aprilskin Magic-cara became my favourite mascara for looks with fuller lashes but without false lashes. This product is definitely one I’d say it is really worth its money. And if the ad is true, it is even a product with natural ingredients. (Aprilskin’s slogan is „Solution from Nature“). If you want to buy one but live overseas you can buy one on their website!

I already used it for a while now and created a lot of looks with it.

Thank you for reading! If you need to buy a new mascara – that was my recommendation! See you next time!


Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Set 1

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Review Part 1!

  • A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Rilakkuma Edition in 21호
  • A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Blusher Rilakkuma Edition in PK01 & VL01 (CR01 and CR02 in SNS if requested)
  • A’PIEU Korilakkumas Favorite Mud Fresh Cleansing Foam

These days I spent way too much money on makeup I actually don’t really needed but was a must to purchase! Right in front of our University a big window sticker was having my attention:

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
My favorite two things in life are finally combined in one: Makeup and Rilakkuma! (。♥‿♥。)


Sadly the products are limited and I hope I am not too late with my reviews, but maybe you have the opportunity to get some! You can get all the products also without Rilakkuma design at A’PIEU stores and some of the products are also available at WATSONS.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
I got almost all of  the products, but in the end it is just the A’PIEU products with a new cover so I didn’t buy colors I would never use (for example the brown blusher or the bright orange lip tint) and at some part I am glad I didn’t buy all even though I love Rilakkuma so much. But enough chatting let’s start with the A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Rilakkuma Edition!

A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Rilakkuma Edition!

As the main point in this makeup range, let’s take a look at the very cute packaging of the product! It’s a cute Rilakkuma lying on a cushion…! A cushion..haha.. on a cushion.. Sorry. ._. But look how cute it is!

The good thing is, there is a refill included! And the sponge is so cute!! Let’s see the inside!

The cushion is a little different to the Aprilskin cushion, you get much more product out of the cushion by pressing the sponge on it. I am the type of person who rather uses too much than too less so this cushion just fits me perfectly haha. Since it was the first time using a product from A’PIEU I was really excited about the quality.

Sorry for this very tired face ( I can’t sleep well these days) and towel turban haha.. As you can see the coverage is quite good and I feel no. 21 is just right for my summer skin. I applied it one time in the picture, I use to apply it once more to give more coverage (There is no filter in the picture btw). In my opinion, the cushion is also quite moisturizing, not as much as the Aprilskin Snow Cushion White, but it’s not drying out my skin without making it feel too sticky. I guess that’s what the Air Fit Cushion gives its name. It doesn’t feel like „Air“ at all though.
Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Review:

What I love:

  • The Design – for Rilakkuma lovers like me there is no excuse for not buying it
  • The Coverage – good for a natural makeup, if you want a flawless face for a night out I would not recommend this
  • The Price – I paid 13.000원 in total including the refill, so cheap!

What I hate:

  • Not very longlasting – I reapply it a few times during the day because the coverage gets less throughout the day

I would say this is a very good product for everyday use. It’s not too heavy, doesn’t feel too sticky, which is very annoying if you wear you hair lose and especially in summer very annoying. I don’t have that „airy“ feeling, but it is still wearable. For the price it is totally fine to just buy it because it looks cute, since makeup is also some kind of accessory for us girls. (^_^)haha. Don’t waste your money like me.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Sorry I didn’t find any picture without Sakura filter ㅠㅠ in the pictures I am wearing two layers of the Air Fit Cushion, so my freckles are more covered. Also the blusher I am wearing in here is a special one, which leads us to the next review~

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Blusher Review

The second item that was released was the Air Fit Cushion Blusher in 5 different shades. I just purchased 4 of it, because I wouldn’t use the brown shade anyway. From pink to violet all of them has another cover and here are the two I will review:

Rilakkuma x A'PIEURilakkuma x A'PIEU
Aren’t they cute?? Also it is the first time I am using a cushion blusher! In Germany you would never find something like that and so I was really excited to try them.

The cushion is similar to the Air Fit Cushion but smaller. I love how moisturizing it is when you apply it on your cheeks.

A’PIEU x Rilakuma Air Fit Cushion Blusher Review:

What I love:

  • The Price – I paid around 5.000원 which is ca. 4€
  • The Convenience – cute cheeks in seconds!
  • The Blush – gentle or bold shades for a cute look!
  • The Comfort – feels like air without the use of powder

What I hate: Nothing~ I am totally happy about this purchase.

In the end of the day I still have to say that if you don’t use primer and cuddle your bf for hours with rubbing your cheeks together of course the blusher will be gone after a while just like the Air Fit Cushion. But I love how easy it is to use and it’s so convenient for a quick morning routine. And I have the feeling the colors make my cheeks looking super cute! Hihi.

Haha yes both is me but with a day between the captures. In the upper picture I used the Pink Blusher and in the lower one I used the violet one.

Last one of this set is:

The Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Mud Fresh Cleansing Foam!

I saw that this product was sold out in many stores just after a few days :( but you can still buy it as the regular version.

I didn’t take any pictures while I am using it because it is too dangerous for my cameras to be in the bathroom and also you wouldn’t see much.

In my opinion the cleanser is as any other I tried before, refreshing and removing leftover makeup. I paid about 5.000원 and I think it’s a reasonable price for a cleansing product in here. And just look at the package, it’s saying buy me I’m cute!

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU

If you want to know more about the cleanser just comment or mail me in Facebook or Instagram.

That’s it for today~ next time I will introduce the second set of Rilakkuma x A’PIEU! So stay tuned ㅇㅅㅇ


Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review


Today’s product is the Etude House Color in Liquid Lips!

I bought them together with my EXO and VIXX album at kpopmart.com! My picks are a light rose color (PK005) and a bold coral one (OR201).

I saw them in the advertising with Krystal wearing them and they looked really promising! The swatches looked nice and matte, yet not too dry. Enough for me to try them!

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review

The promised feature this lipstick comes with is a non-sticky but moisturizing effect with vivid colors. The package looks like a lipstick, some may be confused how to open it (haha some of my friends were trying to open it like a lipstick xD), because you actually apply it like a lipgloss.

The package and applicator or the coral one:

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review

When I first opened it, I was scared I would drop the fluid on the floor because it was a bit difficult to get the applicator out of the bottle and a big amount of the product was sticking on it. But fortunately it’s not that fluid that it would drop.

I tried the light pink one first. I was hoping for a light, cute, rosy color that would melt with my lips naturally. I applied it like they recommended it in the product description which says to apply it on the inside of the lips and blend outwards. The color was really covering, but also it was really not blending well with my lips. I then used concealer to conceal the dark color of my lips first and applied it again and blend with my finger. The result was really cute!




The feeling of that lip color was pretty weird in the beginning and turned out to a soft lipstick like texture. Right after application its  liquid and runs into the wrinkles easily. Then it reminds me of low quality lipstick.. Its takes some time to get dry, but then it blends very well and doesn’t feel sticky anymore. But then it feels a bit like if you used concealer or powder on your lips (without applying concealer before of course xD). I recommend to make sure that your lips aren’t too dry.

Sadly, it’s not really long-lasting at all. After drinking and eating the color fades more and more and disappears.

Same process with the coral one. Such a cute soft coral! If you like more bolder lips, then you can apply it once more and the color is really glowing! I love wearing it on sunny days!



 Uh please excuse the zoom.. my hurr…

This one with flash:

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review

Of course, I don’t think a good lip color doesn’t need concealer to be applied first, but still I am happy with the result. I would like to try the bold pink one, too. They are not too expensive (if you found a good shop!) so I guess you cannot expect a high quality product. Still better than most of the expensive ones in germany…..

Let’s see the resume!
 What I love:

  • The Color – Nice bold or light, matte colors!
  • The Price – Good price for good quality, as always!
  • The Comfort – feels light and not sticky after it dries.

What I hate:

  • The Effect – Even though I like the matte effect, the coverage is at first a bit weird and you have to be careful with the amount of color that you apply.
  • Not Long-lasting – After drinking or eating something, the color fades easily..
  • The Applicator – Somehow this thing and  I don’t want to become friends xD I find this really inconvenient.. For this kind of lip color I would have used a smaller one, like the Cherry Tint one!

The concealer and applicator thing really bothers me, because this is actually a really nice product…

Here I am wearing the rosy one:

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips

Thank you for visiting again after a long time! If you have any question related to the Etude House Color in Liquid Lips, don’t hesitate and comment below or send me a message via Facebook!

Have a nice week guys! ^w^


Etude House Dear Darling Tint Review

Etude House Dear Darling Tint Review

Hi my cute butterflies~ Hihi I am in a good mood today! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I want to show you my favorite lip tints! Since its spring time again, the makeup gets more colorful! Cute Pink, Happy Red or Fresh Orange lips? Natural lips for warm spring days: Etude House Dear Darling Tint Lip Tints!

Sometimes you just want a light but longlasting makeup without using several makeup products? Then you should go for lip tints! I prefer using lip tint for my everyday makeup because it’s light and I don’t need to reapply. My current favorite lip tint is the Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tint! I bought it in 3 colors: 01 Berry Red, 02 Real Red and 03 Orange Red!

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

Once opened you’ll notice the sweet smell! It’s so yummi~ The tint is a kind of fluid and it dries very fast, but it’s enough time to blend it. Of course if you apply more layers, the colors get more bold! So you can decide yourself if you want to go for gentle or bold lips! (^∇^)

The swatches of #01 Berry Red, #02 Real Red, #03 Orange Red!

And this is how it looks like after I used a tissue:

I also took a picture after I went to the doctor and ate dinner! I washed my hands twice with soap!

As you can see it’s really longlasting! These swatches are comparable to the effect on your lips! Of course if you drink and eat a lot, it won’t last as long as it did on my hand..

To the facts!

Etude House Dear Darling Tint Review

What I love:

  • The Colors – They look to cute and fresh!
  • The Effect – Create gentle or bold lips!
  • The Price – I bought 3 colors almost at once, because they’re good and cheap!
  • It’s long lasting – Even after breakfast I don’t need to reapply!

What I hate:

  • The Dryness – I recommend using a lip balm after it. Sometimes the lip tint dries out my lips. I guess after so many advantages a disadvantage has to follow.

But still…. I love them. If I don’t use lipstick or gloss, I always use them. Together with the Fresh Cherry Tints, these are my number 1 lip tints at all!

Etude House Dear Darling TintEtude House Dear Darling TintEtude House Dear Darling Tint

I applied lip balm after the lip tint in the first picture. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, but I cut my lips out of some selfies ^^‘

I bought the Etude House Dear Darling Tint at TokkiHaus.de!

Anyway, I hope you like my review and the lip tints! Enjoy the nice spring weather!

See you next time~ XOXO


Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky Review

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky Review for you~

Guys. Seriously. I’m dying. Because I ate too much chocolate and junk food today. Really. I never knew this could happen, but it did. I actually have to study my… off because I have 3 exams tomorrow. But I feel so stuffed, that I cannot concentrate properly. Students tend to get fat. It’s true. All these people buying pizza, cookies and energy drinks. they’re all students getting fat. Or maybe they don’t because they’re one of these „always-eating-never-gaining“ kind of humans. but I am not. so I will see this food on my body in a few days. Even so, my skin it getting really dry and itchy since I started eating chocolate again.

And well, here is the product I am using during the stressful time to hide redness and skin troubles without looking like wearing makeup: The Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky!


I bought it at TokkiHaus.de.

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

This pose, so fab lol.

The CC Cream comes in a kind of tube with pump applicator. This is what the cream looks like taking one pump:

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

You can see, first it’s some white cream with some darker crumbs in it and if you spread it over your skin, it gets a light beige color, that matches to your skin color. The texture is very light and silky.


Sorry for the big difference in lightening, it somehow falsifies the result a bit actually. But I think you can see that it is not covering my freckles completely. The redness near my nose is gone without looking like I am wearing any makeup. It really looks like I just used some moisturizing day cream. If you wonder, why my skin looks so even on the first pic – I used powder after the CC Cream because that day I needed more coverage.

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky Review:

What I love:

  • the Coverage – light, reducing redness but looking naturally at the same time, perfect for lazy days! also, if you just don’t need makeup but want to hide red areas
  • the Feeling – you almost don’t feel like using anything but daycream
  • the Price – is okay, I think as most of their products, best value for money. I purchased more expensive CC Creams and of course they’re better, but as I said, more expensive. For everyday use, this price is absolutely affordable.
  • the Color – finally a cream, that fits my skin tone. most of the bb and cc creams in germany (I still wonder if I am the only one) a way too dark and look cakey on my skin.

What I hate:

  • not long lasting – after a day at university, I came home looking like I just stood up – the CC Cream was gone. Without a base this is really not a problem at all, but my skin also was a bit dry. I guess my skin condition is the reason for that, but actually the description promised that the cream is moisturizing the skin for a healthy look. so I am thinking so so about this point.

All in all I have to say, I love this product so far. even though I had dry skin, I will continue using it, because I really don’t know if it is because I have about 2 exams every day and it’s just the stress, that causes the dry skin, that even the cream can’t help. The cream fits my skin tone perfectly, what is really one of the reasons, I never purchased any CC cream in germany. they’re all too dark in the end. I just purchased one BB Cream in a local drug store and.. never again because too expensive for about 5 minutes lasting cream. at  THE BODYSHOP I was trying the CC Creams and the lightest shade was about two tones darker and more yellow than mine… I don’t know what are others doing with lighter skin than me?? That’s why I like the Etude House CC Cream so much ^-^

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

In this picture I am wearing the CC Cream as a base and used powder to mattify my skin a bit. It still looks very natural in my opinion.

It’s already midnight in germany, and I have 3 important exams tomorrow so I should say goodbye for now and study.. Sleep well and hopefully see you here next time! XOXO