Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Care

Rilakuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Care Products!

Hello everyone! I am back with new products! A’PIEU just launched a new range of the cute Rilakkuma x A’PIEU products and of course I was right there when they opened two days ago! I already tried some of the products already! I wrote this post with my app so no cute pixel pics 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

The main point of this series is lip care! 6 of their products are lip products. I got the Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey and Milk lip balm, scrub and sleeping pack and the set of 3 hand balm and 3 shades of the lip tints. All the packages are so cute!

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Today I will write something about the three lip care products! 

As you may noticed, the lip care products have all the Rilakkuma as a Bee motives on it so you can guess what it smells like!
Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
The products smell slightly sweet, I would say like honey! Since the weather is so cold my lips are so dry and I warmly welcomened these products! I tried all of the products once (since I just got them yesterday) and I think they have some potential to become my new favorite products for my lip care!

First I tested the lip scrub. I actually only tried lip scrub in my life because I always had small injuries after using it and it was rather harmful for my sensitive skin on my lips than helpful. You apply it on your lips and massage the scrub onto them. After a while you wipe it off or use lukewarm water and get soft lips. I just used it for a few seconds and after I removed the scrub my lips were rosy red and soft. I don’t know yet what will be the long term effect but for rosy and slightly fuller lips the scrub is actually not bad. What makes the difference to other lip scrubs? I guess just the package.

I applied the lip balm right after and first I noticed the sweet gentle smell of honey. Just a light hint of honey, not too sweet as most of the fragranced lip balms tend to. The lip balm is clear, more solid and not too fatty, the case of accidentally putting on too much balm can’t happen with this one. I like how light it feels while it’s giving moisture.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
The sleeping mask has to be on your lips -as the name says – while you sleep, applied before you go to bed. I used it for one night and when I woke up the product was all gone and I wonder if it is my fault by sleeping on my tummy with my face in the pillow or if my lips absorbed all the product. In this case the result would be very negative. My lips were quite dry today and I have some painful cracks on my lips. The cold weather harms my lips and I really need some cure for it! I will give it another chance and will use it again tonight and hope I will not smudge it in my pillow this time. Also I actually were asking myself what is the difference between putting on this sleeping mask and using lip balm before going to bed.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
All the products are really cute and not too expensive, but if you are really taking care of what you get for how much money then you can probably find cheaper and better quality ones. But if you like the honey smell and the cute Rilakkuma then I would at least recommend the lip balm as a must have in this collection! (╹◡╹)


  • Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Scrub – 4.000Won
  • Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Balm – 5.000Won
  • Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Sleeping Pack – 5.000Won

Get your products here!

Thank you for visiting and if you are curious about the lip tints and hand balm I suggest you to visit again soon! (*’▽’*)


Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Set 2

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Part 2!

This review includes:

  • A’PIEU Water Light Tint Rilakkuma Edition
  • A’PIEU For Your Shadow Rilakkuma Edition

A little late but here’s the second part of my Rilakkuma x A’PIEU review! (^-^)/

This set is actually my favorite because I love to try new lip products and also I am still looking for new eyeshadows that I can use for a cute summer day makeup. I think I finally found something good here.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEURilakkuma x A'PIEU
The package is cute as ever! I love the design. I love to see so many rilakkumas everywhere on my makeup shelf. Of course the package is a big plus but let’s see the product itself!

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Water Light Tint Review!

I bought three shades:  PK01, RD01 and CR01

The pink is a really cute rose pink shade, while the red is very bold and the coral is a really natural coral shade which reminds me of the Etude House Cherry Tint. The texture is more creamy and not as I expected it to be for a „water light“ tint.

I took pictures how they look like on my lips, too:

As always I am sorry for the bad quality. I took them with my phone, I had no SD Card for my camera for a while so this had to be solution.

I love to wear them by just applying in the center and blend them outwards. Here’s my review:

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Water Light Tint Review:

What I love:

  • The Colors – Pink, red, coral, orange, for everyone a fitting shade.
  • The Quality – long-lasting tint that’s isn’t sticky or dry.
  • The Price – good tint for less money!
  • The Design – of course, I love it

What I hate:

Nothing to complain (^O^☆♪

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Right after I applied the coral tint! I went to a near café and ordered my drink. I studied a while and drank my tea.

The tint is unexpected long lasting! It still was on my lips and shiny like I just applied it!

Rilakkuma x A'PIEURilakkuma x A'PIEU
Did you notice my eye makeup? No? Well.. Then.. Ah still I will show it to you in the next review!

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU For Your Shadow in 3호!

Isn’t it even more cute? When I was at A’PIEU in Hongdae I couldn’t decide which shades I should buy. In the end I chose No. 3 and I don’t regret that decision! It was sold out in the stores after a week. The eyeshadow box includes 4 different shades, 3 in a rosy to bronze shiny shades and one in a matte red brown.

The shades are not high pigmented and usually I need to apply it repeatedly, but then the shadows blend very well.

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU For Your Shadow 3호 Review

What I love:

  • The Colors – cute rosy brown shades
  • The Price – good eyeshadow for less money
  • The Design – you can guess why :D

What I hate:

  • The Quality – not a high quality shadow quatro but okay for the price!

I’m not a makeup artist but I was satisfied with my work with the Rilakkuma x A’PIEU For Your Shadow. (^_^)

So that was the second part of my Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Review! I hope you are able to grab one of these special products! I am ready for the 3rd part of the Rilakuma x A’PIEU review, what about you? Follow me on Instagram for updates! (^ω^) hope to see you again soon~


Aprilskin Magic S Lipstick

Aprilskin Magic S Lipstick in Roxanne Tango and Fanny Pink!

Today I will review the Aprilskin Magic S Lipstick in RD101 (Roxanne Tango) and PK201 (Fanny Pink) I got a few weeks ago. I ordered them on their website because unlike the Snow Cushions you can’t find them in offline shops.

Actually I liked all of the shades they offer but since one of them is 16.000원 I just bought one and got another one for free.

Aprilskin Magic S LipstickAprilskin Magic S Lipstick
The upper one is PK201 Fanny Pink and the lower one is RD101 Roxanne Tango.

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy and gives moisture and blends very well on my lips. The lipstick has a light sweet smell. Since it’s a lipstick and not a tint that dries on your lips and so it doesn’t only stay on your lips, but you leave a pink or red lip print on your lovers cheek if you give him or her a kiss hihi. Here are the swatches:

Aprilskin Magic S Lipstick
I wore it a few hours and it was almost gone, just a hint of color. I reapplied it and after I ate dinner again the lipstick was completely gone. I forget to take a picture every time and when I do I don’t know which picture was for which review…. haha I’m such a messy head sometimes… But I can say, that this lipstick is really not one of the 12h lipsticks. You will eat and drink and reapply the lipstick after it.
The Aprilskin Magic S Line Lipstick Review:

What I love:

  • The Color – The colors are pretty and I love how bold it is after applying it once
  • The Texture – Love how my lips glow in red after applying the creamy lipstick
  • The Ingredients – If it keeps the promise as „solution from nature

What I hate:

  • Not longlasting – high pigmentation but not very longlasting
  • The Price – Quite expensive, but there are enough opportunities to get them cheap (like 1+1)

I like the brand and so I maybe buying it again before I leave Korea. If you are looking for a longlasting lipstick that will survive your evening event I recommend others. For a fresh day makeup this lipstick is definitely the right pick.

Here I am wearing the red one, but I guess because I applied just once and the light was very bright, it looks more like pink. I wonder when I will be able to make one proper review haha.. ㅠㅠ

So this was a short review about the Aprilskin Magic S Lipstick, I hope you could get at least some impressions of the product. If you are interested in the product, try to find them on their website: Aprilskin or their global website: Aprilskin.com.

Thank you for visiting! Next time I will upload the second part of my Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Review! See you again!~


Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Nr. 1 Camellia

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Nr. 1 Camellia Review for you!

Hihi! This time I’m back with a really incredible product you will defenitely wanna try, too! The Innisfree Eco Flower Tint! Thanks to my korean friend Seojung, who came to visit us in germany during the holidays last year, I got to now about this nice lip tint. I got it as a present, and I am really really happy~ Thank you dear, I love it so much!! <3

First thing I will say about it is: This lipt tint is almost as good as the Etude House Dear Darling Tint I reviewed last year. It is my absolute favorite when it comes to lip tints, because it’s the most long-lasting tint I own. And the Innisfree Eco Flower Tint is about to beat the Nr. 1! So if I may have your attention now? Innisfree Eco Flower TintMy precious presents! So cute!!
The Kitty thing is a comb and mirror in one!

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint

I guess you already know: Above I’m wearing just a bit of concealer and below I applied the Innisfree Eco Flower Tint once. I filled my whole lip with it, what I usually don’t do.^^

The Innisfree Eco Flower Tint in Nr. 1 Camellia:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice bold pink perfect for a cute and cheeky look!
  • The Quality – High pigmentation, I mean that’s what I think.
  • The Comfort – Not sticky, not heavy, but you feel wearing something. Just right.
  • Long-Lasting – Almost as long-lasting as the Etude House Tint – I said before.

What I hate:

  • there’s actually nothing in particular that I dislike, but if you don’t wait until it’s dry, it can fade easily.

So I would buy another one if I knew the price wouldn’t be too high. I really like this lip tint. I’m wearing it every two days or so. I guess to have it in other colors would be a good thing.

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint

Here I am wearing the lip tint! ^_^

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint

I used the Aillis Star filter so it looks a bit bolder than it looks like in the pictures above^^

Hope you enjoyed my little review today! Would be a pleasure to welcome you again!



Canmake Lip Tint Syrup 01

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup 01 Review for you!

Hello! Long time no see! I guess many of you guys have forgotten about this place here…. but still, my love for makeup will never fade (and I already paid next years webspace fee lol) O(≧∇≦)O

I finally opened and used some of my makeup products I brought here from my Japan trip, and well, there are some I really have to introduce to you! One of them is of one of the most famous drugstore makeup brands I guess, Canmake!

Many asked me where I bought it, I got it at a store in Shibuya 109.. I can’t remember the name, I’m sorry… I bought it in #01, a really nice and decent peachy pink! A really really cute color in my opinion! But see yourself:

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup

 The applicator is a typical lip gloss applicator and the texture is smooth but not sticky.

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup

After applicating, my lips aren’t sticky and the tint isn’t drying out. The color is pretty decent and for light day makeup only. It gives additional cuteness to my makeup!

Here some before – after pictures:

Canmake Lip Tint SyrupCanmake Lip Tint Syrup

Canmake Lip Tint SyrupCanmake Lip Tint Syrup

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup 01 Review

What I love:

  • The Color – Cute peachy pink!
  • The Comfort – not sticky like a lip gloss but still glossy like one.
  • The Price – I can’t remember how much I paid for it.. But it wasn’t too expensive since it’s a drugstore brand.

What I hate:

  • Not long-lasting – Not comparable to real Lip Tints, the Syrup Tint fades away easily after drinking or eating something.

I’d like to try other colors too, since I really love the result of the Nr 01. The Canmake Lip Tint Syrup creates cute lips with glossy shine, perfect to give some cuteness to your everyday makeup.

This was my look of that day:

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup

That’s it for today! It’s sunday and in the middle of midterms, so I should do something productive… Enjoy your weekend minna-san! See you soon!