Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco

Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco!

Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco Review for you!

GUUUUYSS I finally had the time to blog about my current fav circle lenses!!

Since the weather is no good and its not even snowing, I have to stay at home and take care of myself thanks to the cold that caught me.. So I couldn’t even wear my lenses for a few days. … So again, stay healthy guys!!

In this post I will show you my favorite lenses:  The Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco!

I bought them at Yesstyle, because for me the lenses are very cheap. Not many stores offer them for that amount and I mostly enjoy free shipping (^_^)

This is the pattern of the lenses:

Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco

You can clearly see there’s a „B“ on the  lenses. I really don’t know why. You can’t see it while wearing the lenses but it’s weird I think^^


Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco

Here You can see that my natural color comes through because of the bright daylight and small pupil. That’s a disadvantage if you have light eyes like me but like to wear brown lenses. It’s getting better in the evening, when the pupil gets bigger.


Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco Review:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice bold brown with a black circle!
  • The Comfort – I can wear them for full 7 hours (after that you should take them off because it’s unhealthy to wear them longer than 7 h) and I don’t even notice them while wearing them!
  • The Price – since there are so many offers for geo lenses, you can easy find them for an affordable price!
  • The Effect – Full Enlargement for cute puppy eyes!!

What I hate:


As I said they are my favorite lenses atm and I even wear them daily. People notice something is wrong with my eyes but they cannot guess what it is. They’re comfortable and the color is just pretty. I will definitely buy them again.


Geo Magic Color Lens Big Grang Grang Choco

my look with the lenses~

Thanks for reading~

I hope you like my lens reviews because I enjoy writing them <3 If you don’t mind, follow me on Instagram and tell me about your thoughts of my reviews! I’m so curious! Since this is my private blog I am doing everything by myself, I depend on other’s opinions. I I want to improve and make it worth reading it~

Hope to welcome you again soon*~


Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey Review for you!

It’s been a while again~

I was so busy these days with preparing for presentations and stuff so I couldn’t even do makeup properly… So after a busy week, I do enjoy writing a bit about a pair of lenses I got last month: The Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey!

I bought them at yesstyle.com, since I am a silver elite member, it’s a bit cheaper for me there.

Anyway, if you are thinking about purchasing a new pair of grey lenses but don’t know if they suit you, I hope this review helps you.

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

As you can see the pattern is very bold, the black circle is clearly visible. In the inside there is a hint of brown. For people with brown eyes this might be a smooth blending.

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

here you can see how they look like on light eyes. since I used the flash because my room was too dark, you can see my natural eye color.

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey Review

What I love:

  • The Effect – Bigger eyes through black circle and a diameter of 14.8mm
  • The Comfort – They are actually better than other lenses I got from Geo, but they still get dry after a few hours.
  • The Price – honestly, I like that Geo lenses aren’t as expensive as other brands but still have a pretty big range

What I hate:

  • The Color – for me the brown circle is unnecessary and gives my eyes a even more fake look.

These lenses are pretty cute and look great with gyaru inspired makeup and also my so called ulzzang inspired eye makeup (of course just inspired because I can never look like one of these „ulzzang girls“ haha) but are a bit too much for daily use.


These days I am wearing circle lenses pretty often also during my lectures, but I didn’t have the courage to wear this pair haha

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

Maybe I will wear them once, just to see how my classmates react to my huge eyes lol


I thought about updating my blog more often with daily looks and maybe uploading a new video, but I didn’t have the time for it yet. I wonder if can do it this year..? haha. Please follow me on Instagram (you can see at the right margin) to give me some feedback please~ Thank you

That’s it already for today, I hope to welcome you again soon~


Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review!

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review for you!

As you can see in my latest post about Pinkyparadise.com, I got some Geo Lenses in my package! So if you plan to invest in some new circle lenses, you maybe find it helpful to read my geo princess mimi apple green review!

So the lenses came with a Geo-Sticker on it (it’s on the backside^^“) in this container as always:

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review

This is what the lens looks like in the container! It looks really invisibly in the middle, but theres a really bold green color on my eyes after putting them in!

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review:

What I love:

  • The Color! – Nice bold but not too heavy green color with a hint of brown in the inner circle. Covers my natural eye color perfect.
  • The Comfort! – No teary eyes at the beginning!
  • The Effect! – Super Cute Dolly Eyes thanks to the 15 mm diameter, the black, nice shaped circle and the green is really… princess like!
  • The Price! – I think for 6 Months lifetime its very cheap for a makeup-article! You can purchase them here.

What I hate:

  • The Dryness – as always the lenses get really dry after a few hours so I take my eyedrops with me.

Definitely the comfiest lenses I have. Didn’t try the Barbie lenses but until then, these are the comfiest xD And the color is really amazing on my iris. In real the color is so beautiful, the pictures can’t even show it. But here are some pictures though.




me happy lol


Thank you for reading my Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review!

Hope you got a peak onto these lenses!

Until next time! <3


Geo Flower Lenses Pink

Geo Flower Lenses Pink Review!

Short Review about the Geo Flower Lenses Pink!


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But nao back to business! I got my Geo Flower Lenses Pink Circle Lenses with my last order on yesstyle.com. I already told you that I waited so long for them and I was so disappointed about the Geo Super Nudy Grey. They aren’t really comfortable for my eyes and I thought it would be because of my first experience with circle lenses or generally contacts. But after I tried the Geo Flower Lenses Pink I was really shocked how comfortable they are. Completely different from my first pair.

The Geo Flower Lenses Pink came in the usual container.

Geo Flower Lenses Pink

 Because I didn’t show the inside of my contact lens case, here’s a photo of it.

Lens Case

As you may know, I have a grey-blue eye color and so the lens effect can be different on darker eyes. But I think this review can also be interesting for dark-eyed gals.

how the Geo Flower Lenses Pink look on my eyes:

Geo Flower Lenses Pink

Geo Flower Lenses Pink

Geo Flower Lenses Pink


What I love:

  • The Color! – Soft Pink on my blue eyes.
  • The Comfort! – Much better than my first ones.
  • The Details! – Pretty details on the lens including the black ring.
  • The Effect! – My eyes looked like a Doll’s Eyes thanks to the 15mm lens diameter.

What I hate:

  • The Dryness – My eyes were so dry after only an hour. Although I used eyedrops, after a few minutes they went dry again.

After I tried these, I wanted to buy my next Geo Flower Lenses! But I think the color and the effect isn’t good for daily use. It’s a little bit more special. But perfect for a photoshoot. It was fun to wear them.

Geo Flower Lenses Pink

Geo Flower Lenses Pink

Hope I didn’t scare you. Until next time!


Circle Lenses: Geo Super Nudy Grey Review

I got my first Circle Lenses: Geo Super Nudy Grey

As I already wrote in the post before, I got my first pair of Circle Lenses, Geo Super Nudy Grey, today with my order from yesstyle.

Circle Lens

Hello! (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Sorry for my posing. I’m wearing my Geo Super Nudy Grey in this picture.

The Geo Lenses came in this:

Circle Lens

The right ones are the Geo Super Nudy Grey. The others will be reviewed soon^^

Circle Lens

This was so hard to open.. and you should be careful not to cut yourself. Always look for this green sticker you can see in the picture. This shows that you purchased original Geo lenses.

The effect of these lenses were a little disappointing for me at the beginning, because they fit exactly my natural eyecolor. But now I think I can wear them like normal color lenses without looking too weird for the „very european“ friends of mine lol

The lens diameter is 14.8 and they look really „natural“ for circle lenses. In the way circle lenses can look „natural“, so far.. So for my light eyes the Geo Super Nudy Grey look „Super Nudy Grey“… haha. But they’ve got the typical black ring. They enlarge my eyes and I feel a bit like a doll. I think the effect on darker eyes isn’t „that“ natural then it is on my eyes. But I really don’t know.

I heard about the Geo Lenses are really drying out after a little time. I didn’t really sleep that much tonight, and so my eyes were a little dry, even before I used the lenses. After 3 hours, my eyes are already that dry, I had to take them off. I will defenitely buy eyedrops for lenses, to wear them a little longer.

The fact is, that I never wore lenses before. So it took a long time for me to get them in my eyes. But finally they were in and then it felt really weird. On my right eye I thought the „hole“ was too small, somehow it felt like they’re ill-sitting. After I slid it a little, there were no blurred outlines anymore.  On the left side it was ok from the beginning.

So, here are some photos of the Geo Super Nudy Grey Lenses:

Circle Lens

Always put on makup AFTER you put in the lenses. So there are no mascara or eyeshadow particle in your way.

Geo Super Nudy Grey

Because I haven’t bought a daylight lamp yet, the window has to do it!

Geo Super Nudy Grey


I enjoyed writing this review, hope you enjoyed reading!


Take care! Much Lovee (。’▽’。)♡