Geo Angel Green

Geo Angel Green Review today~

Even though the weather is so nice and I have plenty of time to write reviews and do makeup, I feel like just doing nothing and be bored eating the whole day..

I bought so many new products in Japan that I actually have to write.. But first I have to introduce my current favorite pair of lenses to you! The Geo Angel Green! I guess they are pretty popular when in comes to circle lenses and now I know why!

Everytime I wore green circle lenses I got the most compliments. I guess brown eyes don’t suit me? Haha

The pattern of the Geo Angel Green is a clear green, tiles like print with a thick black circle.

Geo Angel Green

I always recommend to just wear circle lenses, if you’re not tired and your eyes don’t feel dry. Otherwise it’s just natural that the lenses itches in your eye. Also dont wear circle lenses more than 7 hours, or they will get too dry and won’t feel comfortable anymore. While running around in Shibuya, I wore them much longer than 7 hours, but they didn’t feel too dry. I guess the reason for this is also the high humidity haha. Their water content is arounf 38-40%.

I think these lenses are very beautiful. I like how the color looks like on my eyes.

Geo Angel Green

Even though the black circle it thicker and bolder than other lenses, my eyes don’t look too big. Even lighter makeup without heavy eyeliner goes great with it. Green lenses are always a good choice if you have light eyes like me. The color melts with the green and can’t be seen immediately in the daylight.

The Geo Angel Green:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice green color with a bold black circle.
  • The Effect – gently enlarging the eyes with a 14.2mm diameter.
  • The Price – Best get for the price!
  • The Comfort – Under good circumstances they feel very comfortable for a long time.

What I hate:

actually nothing.

As I said before, they are my current favorite lenses to wear. I guess because it’s summer, I’m going for lighter colors and so I do with my lenses. I think I will wear them to university too, since they aren’t too bold with light makeup.

 Here’s my look with the Geo Angel Green:

Geo Angel Green

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Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel

Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel Review for you!

It’s been a while already again! I successfully spend all my money in Tokyo during my holiday together wit my best friend and my sister and I am back with a new circle lens review!

I don’t know if anyone would be interested in a post about my trip in Tokyo?

One thing I loved about Tokyo is the fact that you’re not the only one running around with circle lenses.. Sometimes if I am wearing lenses in Germany people look at me like if I was an alien.. ? Whatever..

Just now I realized, that I gained 2 kg…

I will start another diet tomorrow I guess… haha.. But back to business!

This time I will review the Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel which a wanted to try for a very long time! Finally I got them from yesstyle.com.

The big difference to my other lenses is that they are monthly contact lenses and have to be disposed after one month with good care. They also were a bit more expensive than the other annual lenses, it took me some time to decide wether to buy them or not. I thought I will have to wear them a lot after opening the package, I was worried that I don’t like the color or they would be uncomfortable.

Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel

The package is also different from annual contacts, it’s a plastic package instead of a glass container. That’s actually pretty good because I tend to cut myself… Contact junkies will know the pain.. I expected the lens to be a bit thinner or have a higher water content because they are monthly lenses, but there’s actually no difference to annual lenses.
The print is covering my natural eye color very good and I like the beige brown color. They have a black, not too thick circle that enlarges the eyes a bit. I was wondering why the color was called Barbie Hazel because Barbie has blue eyes… Let’s not care about it. I think they just don’t suit me, maybe not my style, but I think they would look very nice with darker glam rock or gyaru makeup.. Nothing for a cute doll look. But that’s just my opinion.

I wore them during my trip in Tokyo and in general I wore my lenses much longer than recommended. I wore them about 10 hours or more everyday, 3 hours longer than you should wear circle lenses. One day I also wore the Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel around 9 hours and I have to say they were really comfortable. Of course after 7 hours they got a bit dry, but except for that, no itchy feeling.

Let’s take a look at my résumé!

What I love:

  • The Coverage – the print covers my blue eyes perfectly
  • The Effect – gently enlarging the eyes with a 14.5mm Diameter
  • The Comfort – even after a long day!

What I hate:

  • The Color – I think the color doesn’t suit my skin tone.
  • The Price – a bit expensive for just one pair monthly lenses
  • The Disposal – after one month already..

If you want to create a dolly cute look, I wouldn’t recommend these lenses. If you want to create a darker gyaru glam look I think these are really good.

Here I am wearing the Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel:

I visited the Rilakkuma themed café at Tower Records in Shibuya! ^-^

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Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

Did you spent your Holidays well? In here university started already and I am more busy than ever but also I am happy I am able to continue my study!!  o(^▽^)o

It’s time for a new lens review! Hope it’s not too boring for you, I don’t know if you are interested in circle lenses..

These days I really only am writing reviews and my „personal“ blog doesn’t really have to do anything with my personal life anymore haha.. Well, at least I got some positive feedback! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Okay let’s start with the review! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Since my eyes are blue, I always tend to buy dark lenses. In my view, darker eye colors make my face look more bright and my dark circles appear less. I think that’s why I like to wear brown circle lenses.

What I first noticed is, that they are very thin and so I had a hard time putting them in. They always overlapped and I need two fingertips to get them in.. I wonder how this looks like from afar ._.

But finally in, they make my eyes super blue and give a light enlargement. They are really comfortable, as long as they are clean of course.

In pictures:

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

I actually don’t know why these lenses are called „Flower Lens“ because the pattern doesn’t remind me of a flower at all..^^‘

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue Review


What I love:

  • The Color – I can only speak for light eyes, in the sunlight they are deep ocean blue!
  • The Effect – Light enlargement and they look kinda natural.
  • The Comfort – In „proper use“ they don’t feel dry too quick, I don’t really feel them.
  • The Price – Is okay for conventional lenses I guess.

What I hate:

  • The Handling – They are thin and that’s why it’s difficult to put them in. I guess if I would be a newbie, I would become desperate..

I got many compliments while wearing them! But I still prefer brown lenses for a cute and flawless face^-^

Detailed: Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue


Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

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Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown review for you~





How are you today? In germany it is really cold and sowing these days. It makes me craving for a nice cup of hot chocolate.. But I shouldn’t, right? haha reminds me of my appointment at the gym tomorrow.

I mentioned that I ordered two pair of lenses in my last post about the first one, so here is my second review: Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown!

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

I bought them at yesstyle.com

 Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

You can see, they cover my natural color almost perfectly. At night you can’t see anything of my blue iris. Here I had to use a lamp for lightening^-^‘ Sorry for my messy Eyeliner…

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

With Flash


The Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice bold brown, just like chocolate :D  (I’m into chocolate these days..)
  • The Effect – Stunning brown doll eyes, 14,8mm diameter and the black circle give an enlarging effect
  • The Price – Usual price I would always pay, a little bit more expensive than other lenses like the Eyescream series for example


What I hate:

  • The Comfort – As I already experienced with my grey and green ones, they dry out the eyes a bit more than other lenses I have from Geo, but some eyedrops should help..
  • The Availability – As they are some of the most popular lenses, I had to wait for them to get back in stock.. Actually this is not a real minus, but still I never had to wait for a pair before, so I just mention that here..^-^‘


I think these lenses are a bit bold for my light skin and pale face haha. When I tried them first, I automatically used a darker brow shadow for my eye make than I use usually. Not really natural, but I still like to wear them while weekend shopping. Maybe not the best for daily use, but they will definitely catch peoples attention if that’s the purpose!


Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Yeah I think I should treat myself with some chocolate cake soon.

Here’s my look with the lenses:


~*Rilakkuma LOVE*~

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Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse Review

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse Review for you!

The beginning of the year was really stressful for me, so I wasn’t able to write any post until now.. But I got two new pairs of lenses and here’s the review for one of them: The Geo Eyescream Chocomousse!

I’ll start with the packaging as usual:

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

 So this is what the container looks like. I think the name of these lenses is really cute and yummy^^

Please always watch out and don’t cut yourself while opening these mean containers.

Next. The pattern of the lenses is really gentle as most of the Geo lenses I have:

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

Lately I am in love with brown lenses, so I ordered the Geo Eyescream Chocomousse as they are the darkest brown ones of the Eyescream series. As I already said, they are really gently covering my natural eye color and they don’t have a black circle as you can see. Somehow if I imagine it, the pattern reminds me of nice and intense chocolate ice-cream

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse


The Geo Eyescream Chocomousse:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice, almost natural looking grayish brown color, that gently covers light eyes
  • The Effect – Natural also because of the low diameter of  14,5 mm, light enlargement, but not too big.
  • The Comfort – I was wearing them on new years eve, they had a hard time testing – but they endured it!
  • The Price – Not too expensive, one year disposal, normal price for colored lenses


What I hate:

  • The Expectation and Reality – The lenses in their advertising and the lenses I got are not the same… are they?


If you look at the advertising and back in the mirror, you’ll maybe be a bit disappointed, because on my eyes, they are not really that intense brown as they seem to be in the pictures. I thought I will get a really nice bold brown pair of lenses, but you can see how they look like on my light eyes. I had to look up twice, if I really ordered the Geo Eyescream Chocomousse and not the Vanilla Brown ones. But yeah.. I still like them, because they are cute and natural looking on my eyes. Great for daily use in my opinion.



This photo was taken with flash.

Now I want Ice-cream!!

Maybe I should get some..? Then, see you next time guys! :3