Geo Angel Green

Geo Angel Green Review today~

Even though the weather is so nice and I have plenty of time to write reviews and do makeup, I feel like just doing nothing and be bored eating the whole day..

I bought so many new products in Japan that I actually have to write.. But first I have to introduce my current favorite pair of lenses to you! The Geo Angel Green! I guess they are pretty popular when in comes to circle lenses and now I know why!

Everytime I wore green circle lenses I got the most compliments. I guess brown eyes don’t suit me? Haha

The pattern of the Geo Angel Green is a clear green, tiles like print with a thick black circle.

Geo Angel Green

I always recommend to just wear circle lenses, if you’re not tired and your eyes don’t feel dry. Otherwise it’s just natural that the lenses itches in your eye. Also dont wear circle lenses more than 7 hours, or they will get too dry and won’t feel comfortable anymore. While running around in Shibuya, I wore them much longer than 7 hours, but they didn’t feel too dry. I guess the reason for this is also the high humidity haha. Their water content is arounf 38-40%.

I think these lenses are very beautiful. I like how the color looks like on my eyes.

Geo Angel Green

Even though the black circle it thicker and bolder than other lenses, my eyes don’t look too big. Even lighter makeup without heavy eyeliner goes great with it. Green lenses are always a good choice if you have light eyes like me. The color melts with the green and can’t be seen immediately in the daylight.

The Geo Angel Green:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice green color with a bold black circle.
  • The Effect – gently enlarging the eyes with a 14.2mm diameter.
  • The Price – Best get for the price!
  • The Comfort – Under good circumstances they feel very comfortable for a long time.

What I hate:

actually nothing.

As I said before, they are my current favorite lenses to wear. I guess because it’s summer, I’m going for lighter colors and so I do with my lenses. I think I will wear them to university too, since they aren’t too bold with light makeup.

 Here’s my look with the Geo Angel Green:

Geo Angel Green

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Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel

Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel Review for you!

It’s been a while already again! I successfully spend all my money in Tokyo during my holiday together wit my best friend and my sister and I am back with a new circle lens review!

I don’t know if anyone would be interested in a post about my trip in Tokyo?

One thing I loved about Tokyo is the fact that you’re not the only one running around with circle lenses.. Sometimes if I am wearing lenses in Germany people look at me like if I was an alien.. ? Whatever..

Just now I realized, that I gained 2 kg…

I will start another diet tomorrow I guess… haha.. But back to business!

This time I will review the Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel which a wanted to try for a very long time! Finally I got them from yesstyle.com.

The big difference to my other lenses is that they are monthly contact lenses and have to be disposed after one month with good care. They also were a bit more expensive than the other annual lenses, it took me some time to decide wether to buy them or not. I thought I will have to wear them a lot after opening the package, I was worried that I don’t like the color or they would be uncomfortable.

Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel

The package is also different from annual contacts, it’s a plastic package instead of a glass container. That’s actually pretty good because I tend to cut myself… Contact junkies will know the pain.. I expected the lens to be a bit thinner or have a higher water content because they are monthly lenses, but there’s actually no difference to annual lenses.
The print is covering my natural eye color very good and I like the beige brown color. They have a black, not too thick circle that enlarges the eyes a bit. I was wondering why the color was called Barbie Hazel because Barbie has blue eyes… Let’s not care about it. I think they just don’t suit me, maybe not my style, but I think they would look very nice with darker glam rock or gyaru makeup.. Nothing for a cute doll look. But that’s just my opinion.

I wore them during my trip in Tokyo and in general I wore my lenses much longer than recommended. I wore them about 10 hours or more everyday, 3 hours longer than you should wear circle lenses. One day I also wore the Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel around 9 hours and I have to say they were really comfortable. Of course after 7 hours they got a bit dry, but except for that, no itchy feeling.

Let’s take a look at my résumé!

What I love:

  • The Coverage – the print covers my blue eyes perfectly
  • The Effect – gently enlarging the eyes with a 14.5mm Diameter
  • The Comfort – even after a long day!

What I hate:

  • The Color – I think the color doesn’t suit my skin tone.
  • The Price – a bit expensive for just one pair monthly lenses
  • The Disposal – after one month already..

If you want to create a dolly cute look, I wouldn’t recommend these lenses. If you want to create a darker gyaru glam look I think these are really good.

Here I am wearing the Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel:

I visited the Rilakkuma themed café at Tower Records in Shibuya! ^-^

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Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

Did you spent your Holidays well? In here university started already and I am more busy than ever but also I am happy I am able to continue my study!!  o(^▽^)o

It’s time for a new lens review! Hope it’s not too boring for you, I don’t know if you are interested in circle lenses..

These days I really only am writing reviews and my „personal“ blog doesn’t really have to do anything with my personal life anymore haha.. Well, at least I got some positive feedback! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Okay let’s start with the review! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Since my eyes are blue, I always tend to buy dark lenses. In my view, darker eye colors make my face look more bright and my dark circles appear less. I think that’s why I like to wear brown circle lenses.

What I first noticed is, that they are very thin and so I had a hard time putting them in. They always overlapped and I need two fingertips to get them in.. I wonder how this looks like from afar ._.

But finally in, they make my eyes super blue and give a light enlargement. They are really comfortable, as long as they are clean of course.

In pictures:

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

I actually don’t know why these lenses are called „Flower Lens“ because the pattern doesn’t remind me of a flower at all..^^‘

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue Review


What I love:

  • The Color – I can only speak for light eyes, in the sunlight they are deep ocean blue!
  • The Effect – Light enlargement and they look kinda natural.
  • The Comfort – In „proper use“ they don’t feel dry too quick, I don’t really feel them.
  • The Price – Is okay for conventional lenses I guess.

What I hate:

  • The Handling – They are thin and that’s why it’s difficult to put them in. I guess if I would be a newbie, I would become desperate..

I got many compliments while wearing them! But I still prefer brown lenses for a cute and flawless face^-^

Detailed: Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue


Geo Flower Lens Xtra Blue

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EOS Candy Grey

EOS Candy Grey Review!

EOS Candy Grey on light eyes! Circle Lenses are the best way to create cute, anime like eyes! This time I will review the EOS Candy Grey! Since I lost my only pair of grey circle lenses, I wanted to buy new ones that have a nice and big black circle.

When I ordered them my only worry was that the color isn’t covering my natural color. I ordered similar ones in pink and violet before, Vassen Sakura Candy Pink & Violet, but they were barely covering my natural color. Let’s see how they look like!

EOS Candy Grey

The pattern is only light grey colored, but the circle has a bold black color.

Somehow they look blue in here, right??

EOS Candy Grey

Detail: Without any filter in normal daylight! Now they look more grey.

Sorry for the messy mascara, I had a shaky hand that day..

It’s normal that you can see some part of the natural eye color, but in my opinion these lenses are really covering less than other lenses I have. Better than the Vassen Sakura Candy ones, but still. Even though they are grey, my eyes always looked blue when I took some pictures (like the one above) with my phone in daylight.

EOS Candy Grey Review

What I love:

  • The Effect – The bold black circle make your eyes look like cute anime eyes! The pattern gives a „colored eyes“ effect! They have a 14,5mm diameter.
  • The Comfort – They are really thin and soft, I can barely feel them!
  • The Color – Actually they should be grey. But they rather look like blue on my eyes in the sunlight due to the less coverage. It’s rather a negative aspect. Still it’s so nice how the color melts with the natural color!

What I hate:

  • The Price – They’re a bit more expensive than others I bought.

Nya…. still I like them. I have love for all lenses lol. Just it’s weird that the lenses look blue every time I took pictures in the sunlight. Blue or grey, they look so cute! I wonder how brown eyes look with them?

        EOS Candy Grey

EOS Candy Grey

In the last pic they finally look like grey! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ やった〜

For those interested in buying: I ordered them on PinkyParadise.com! As always I got some cute lens container with them!

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How to take care of Circle Lenses!

How to take care of Circle Lenses?

Are you into circle lenses like me recently? Or maybe did you just buy your first pair lately? Congratulations to becoming a lens addict like me haha! I really like wearing different lenses for different makeup! My collection grows really fast these days!

But usually if you are looking for circle lenses in the World Wide Web you maybe also find some warnings about circle lenses and incredible posts about girls losing their eyesight due to wearing the enlarging lenses. But is it really true that circle lenses are damaging your eyes? How to take care of circle lenses? I will share my experience with circle lenses in this post including „Where to buy“, „How to store“ and „After use“. Please notice that these are my experiences and that you should seek an optician’s advice if you are not sure about using contact lenses! 

Let’s learn something about Circle Lenses!

10 Steps of  how to take care of Circle Lenses!

    1. What are „Circle Lenses“?
      Circle Lenses (or also Circle Contact Lens) are, as the name already says, contact lenses, that are for decorative use and are slightly bigger in diameter than the iris. Most of the contact have a 14-15mm diameter. They often have a black circle that is printed on the overcoming part of the lens and let the eyes appear bigger. Today, there are many different prints and patterns for any occasion such as cosplay, halloween or daily use. They mostly are available in all colors including exotic ones such as violet or pink and you often can chose between daily, monthly and conventional lenses. But to grant the longevity of the lenses, some special care is needed. how to take care of circle lenseshow to take care of circle lenses
      how to take care of circle lenses
    2. What do I need to store Circle Lenses?
      Most of the shops already give them for free, but never forget, if you buy contact lenses, you need some lens containers, too. Second important thing is the fluid you store the contacts in to keep them hydrated and to avoid the deposit of proteins. The most important fluid for the use of contacts is of course for disinfection: saline solution! Very important, because the eyes are sensitive and you’ll easily get infections if you don’t use clean contacts. But because humans are lazy beings, there is a fluid that combines all three features in it! Just take a look in your local drugstore or search for multi purpose solution (for german readers: Kombi Lösung).

      How to take care of Circle Lenses

      This was the basic care kit of a lens seller in germany!

    3. Ok I got it! Now, where can I buy Circle Lenses? 
      When I bought the first time I couldn’t think about „where to buy“, I just bought where I was able to buy only: online shops. And I didn’t think much about is it safe to buy at this or that shop, because I wasn’t aware of possible fakes. The Circle Lenses originally were a trend in asia, of course there are also some people faking contact lenses… ((I just said it like that because I once bought „apple“ headphones from Hong Kong… „Apple“._.) I still love you, asians!xD ok.)
      I was just buying where „everyone“ was buying. But it’s important to know where you buy them. If you are not sure about the seller and the condition of the lenses, you may risk your health. Best example is Geo Medical, they have developed an Anti-Fake-System, that show if it’s authentic. Look for this sticker and the code within!

      How to take care of Circle Lenses

      Always be careful when buying online!

    4. I found a good shop, which ones are good for beginners?
      To be honest, I don’t think there are „circle lenses for beginners“. If you are sensitive with foreign substances in your eye (like me), every lens will give you the feeling of „something’s in my eye“. But with the numbers of different lenses I used, I noticed that some are more and some are less comfortable. For all lenses, the water content is an important character, that gives information about the lens‘ comfort. The more water the lens contents, the softer the lens is. Same for the material. Higher water content means, that your eye gets more oxygen. The combination of water content and material makes the difference. And also of course it depends on each person if you feel any discomfort because you need more or less oxygen. In my case, if I am tired, I notice a slight  headache after wearing some lenses for a while because of the lack of oxygen. Second is, the lenses will dry out faster, depending on material and water content. But back to the topic, circle lenses usually have a lower water content than normal colored contacts (but it shouldn’t be lower than 38%!). Now, since I have some experience with different brands, I sure do feel some difference in comfort. The most comfortable lenses I used was a pair of Dueba/Barbie. I also would recommend the Candy series of EOS, since they are very thin and soft. I really really like Geo Medical lenses, they have the prettiest lenses, but they aren’t as comfortable as other lenses I have. I feel like they are drying out very fast, compared to the other ones. But at this point I have to say again, it depends on the person. Usually you should be given information about prescription, water content, base curve and diameter.
    5. Where do YOU usually buy your Circle Lenses?
      Pinky Paradise
    6. How to put the lenses in?
      Actually everyone will find their most comfortable way to put them in, but just in case you really don’t know how to put them in, I will explain how I am doing it. It’s better to put the lens in before doing your makeup because small particle of eyeshadow or mascara could get under or on your lens while putting in. First thing to do: wash your hands! Hygiene is the most important thing when it comes to contact lenses to avoid any infections in your eye. Don’t underestimate the possibility of an eye infection! Comes faster than you may think. Make sure to use a fuzz free towel to dry your hands because they might stick on your fingers and get onto the lens. Then use disinfection fluid or the multi purpose fluid to disinfect your hands. Then take out one lens and put it onto your fingertip. Check if the lens isn’t accidentially inside out. It should look like a half circle and not like a hyperbel. Clean the lens with fluid and make sure no fuzz sticks onto it. I prefer to use some eye drops before putting the lens in. Next part is how to put them in. But it’s the way I am doing it, because it’s the easiest and fastest way for me. I turn my head with one eye parallel to the mirror and use one hand to pull down the lower eyelid, so that the white of the eye is shown. Then I put the lens on that part and pull it a but to the iris. I close my eye and look around a bit until the lens sits on its right place. If you have lens with prescription of course you need to consider right and left lens. Last step before going out is changing the fluid in the lens container to make sure I won’t forget before taking off.
    7. Any tips how to make wearing lenses more comfortable?
      Of course, you can always use moisturizing eye drops to avoid dry eyes. I like to use my eye drops also before putting in and right after putting in to avoid any redness or dry feeling. In general, I recommend to only wear lenses if you aren’t too sleepy. If your eyes already are dry because of the lack of sleep, they will dry out even faster with the lenses in. If they are dry, of course the result are red eyes and even small wounds.
    8. Time for bed! Anything I need to think about when taking them off?
      Of course there is! Make sure, if you didn’t do right after taking them out of the container, to change the fluid for storage. Usually you should always do it after taking them out because you may suddenly have to take off the lens while you’re on your way. I usually ALWAYS change the fluid after I touched it with my fingers because of any bacteria or something just to make sure then lenses stay clean. After you took off the lenses you should let your eye breathe and rest a while. Maybe put in some eye drops. It’s not healthy to wear them too long. About 7 hours is the recommended maximum. And also your eye needs a break. DON’T SLEEP WITH YOUR LENSES IN! The lenses may stick in your eye and damage it. Please never do that.
    9. Don’t forget your lenses!
      Even if you don’t wear the lenses frequently, you should take care of them frequently. The fluid will dry out after a while and so will your lenses. That’s why you should change the fluid from time to time. It’s important to keep the lenses from sunlight and high temperature.
    10. What are your experiences with circle lenses?
      I am wearing circle lenses for more than 2 years now. I didn’t wear them often in the beginning because I wasn’t used to it and I had problems with putting them in. Also it’s not really common in germany to wear contacts like these and people were staring at me. I didn’t feel comfortable since also my ex boyfriend said I look really ugly with them. But now he isn’t anymore so let’s wear all the lenses!! (≧∇≦)lol. Just kidding. I decided not to care about others anymore and now I am happy with my lenses and even get compliments. I have the feeling it’s getting more and more popular in here.. Whatever.  In the beginning I wasn’t very careful with the special hygiene and often got red eyes after wearing them. But fortunately I never had serious problems. Since I took more care of that issue, it’s much better! That’s why I wrote all these facts down to tell you that you really should be careful with circle lenses!! The lenses are helping you making yourself beautiful and so they also give you confidence so you should give them a little love back.

Do you have any questions left? Don’t hesitate and comment! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have lots of fun with your lenses and creating new looks, since you now know how to take care of circle lenses!

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