Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky Review

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky Review for you~

Guys. Seriously. I’m dying. Because I ate too much chocolate and junk food today. Really. I never knew this could happen, but it did. I actually have to study my… off because I have 3 exams tomorrow. But I feel so stuffed, that I cannot concentrate properly. Students tend to get fat. It’s true. All these people buying pizza, cookies and energy drinks. they’re all students getting fat. Or maybe they don’t because they’re one of these „always-eating-never-gaining“ kind of humans. but I am not. so I will see this food on my body in a few days. Even so, my skin it getting really dry and itchy since I started eating chocolate again.

And well, here is the product I am using during the stressful time to hide redness and skin troubles without looking like wearing makeup: The Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky!


I bought it at TokkiHaus.de.

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

This pose, so fab lol.

The CC Cream comes in a kind of tube with pump applicator. This is what the cream looks like taking one pump:

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

You can see, first it’s some white cream with some darker crumbs in it and if you spread it over your skin, it gets a light beige color, that matches to your skin color. The texture is very light and silky.


Sorry for the big difference in lightening, it somehow falsifies the result a bit actually. But I think you can see that it is not covering my freckles completely. The redness near my nose is gone without looking like I am wearing any makeup. It really looks like I just used some moisturizing day cream. If you wonder, why my skin looks so even on the first pic – I used powder after the CC Cream because that day I needed more coverage.

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky Review:

What I love:

  • the Coverage – light, reducing redness but looking naturally at the same time, perfect for lazy days! also, if you just don’t need makeup but want to hide red areas
  • the Feeling – you almost don’t feel like using anything but daycream
  • the Price – is okay, I think as most of their products, best value for money. I purchased more expensive CC Creams and of course they’re better, but as I said, more expensive. For everyday use, this price is absolutely affordable.
  • the Color – finally a cream, that fits my skin tone. most of the bb and cc creams in germany (I still wonder if I am the only one) a way too dark and look cakey on my skin.

What I hate:

  • not long lasting – after a day at university, I came home looking like I just stood up – the CC Cream was gone. Without a base this is really not a problem at all, but my skin also was a bit dry. I guess my skin condition is the reason for that, but actually the description promised that the cream is moisturizing the skin for a healthy look. so I am thinking so so about this point.

All in all I have to say, I love this product so far. even though I had dry skin, I will continue using it, because I really don’t know if it is because I have about 2 exams every day and it’s just the stress, that causes the dry skin, that even the cream can’t help. The cream fits my skin tone perfectly, what is really one of the reasons, I never purchased any CC cream in germany. they’re all too dark in the end. I just purchased one BB Cream in a local drug store and.. never again because too expensive for about 5 minutes lasting cream. at  THE BODYSHOP I was trying the CC Creams and the lightest shade was about two tones darker and more yellow than mine… I don’t know what are others doing with lighter skin than me?? That’s why I like the Etude House CC Cream so much ^-^

Etude House CC Cream 01 Silky

In this picture I am wearing the CC Cream as a base and used powder to mattify my skin a bit. It still looks very natural in my opinion.

It’s already midnight in germany, and I have 3 important exams tomorrow so I should say goodbye for now and study.. Sleep well and hopefully see you here next time! XOXO