Princess Pinky Galaxy

Princess Pinky Galaxy Lenses Review

I was curious how the Princess Pinky Galaxy Circle Lenses look like so I ordered them right away! It was difficult to chose between the two available colors so I just ordered both of them!

I got them at since this is the only website I have experience with and know to sell them. They were around 20€ each (depending on exchange rate) and they arrived really quick without any circumstances. Inclusive in every lens order is a lens case for each pair you order.

The lenses come in a container that are a bit tricky to open. Once opened you can see the clear Galaxy print in blue and violet, with small white strains that look like stars inside the gas clouds. Really beautiful!

These lenses are definitely not made for wearing to school with light day makeup, except you want to be sure to get the attention of your classmates. Especially the blue ones are really bold and bright blue and look really like out of this world on light eyes. The violet ones are slightly more unflashy but still drawing attention. Typical circle lenses with the black circle on the outside. They have an enlarging effect with a diameter of 14,5mm.

They felt quite soft when I put them in, but I didn’t wear them for more than one hour yet, because I didn’t have the occasion to wear them out. Going grocery shopping with these lenses in here would just make people stare.

I would rather wear them at nighttime, because my light eyes are flashing under them if the sunlight makes my Iris to shrink naturally and this looks very weird. How can I say it.. they don’t look natural at all of course, that’s not the purpose. I think people with brown eyes would look even better with the blue ones, because the darker color makes the blue look less flashy and maybe make the stars pattern looking even brighter.

The first picture I took without flash and wearing only one lens. In the second picture I am wearing both and to show the pattern and I used the camera’s flash.

Princess Pinky Galaxy

However here is my first impression on the Princess Pinky Galaxy Lenses:

Princess Pinky Galaxy:

What I love:

  • The Effect – Enlarging, Galaxy Eyes Look (14,5mm)
  • The Comfort – soft feeling for short time wear (38% water content)
  • The Color – The Blue ones are a bit flashy on light eyes, but the pattern is just really really beautiful

What I hate:

  • The Price – slightly tiny bit overpriced for yearly lenses (25,90$)

I don’t regret that I bought them, but unfortunately I barely have an occasion to wear them. I bought both colors, which was of course a bit expenisve, but you will be fine if you only one pair of them. I think these lenses will be catching everyone’s attention if you wear them on a party or a night out! Stunning!

If you are looking for some natural looking lenses, I would like to show you my last post about the EOS Milky Blue.

Thank you for visiting my website and hope you got the I formation about these lenses you needed to decide wether to purchase them or not. Hope to see you again!

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