Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara

Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara Review!

This time I’ll review the Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara that I got last time I visited Myeongdong. These days there’s a big hype about Aprilskin, especially because they opened their first offline store inside the Lotte Young Plaza in Seoul Myeongdong! Many people streamed there to be one of the first people to buy and get incredible discount at the shop. I visited right on their first days when they had a 50% discount offer and got me a few things from the brand. Btw I got a free mirror because I uploaded a picture of my visit on Facebook.

I actually just have one mascara I am using everyday (Dolly Wink) and I thought it’s time for a backup. So I decided to buy the mascara since it is was only 9.000 Won.

The Mascara comes with two brushes: one skinny side and one volume side. I totally dislike the skinny brushes because all I tried so far had no effect on my already quite long black lashes. But this mascara has a volume brush too, so I thought if I don’t like this brush as well I can at least use the volume brush. But it should become my new favorite mascara including the skinny brush!

The Aprilskin Magic-cara is not waterproof and can be removed easily. It stays all day if you don’t rub your eyes or wash your face. I love to wear it for both, day and evening makeup. The It should be applied in two easy steps: 1. use the skinny side for elongate your lashes and define them. Also your lashes stay seperate eventhough you use the volume brush in the 2. step. Also, you can reach the inner smaller lashes and also – if you have round eyes like me – the outer angled lashes. Then as mentioned, the 2. step is the volumizing brush that gives a fuller look. If you want to go for a clear and defined look you can just skip the second step.

I think the Aprilskin Magic-cara is a really good product regarding the price. Sometimes the lashes stick together, especially if I am in a hurry I just quickly apply it, but honestly, is there any volume brush that is perfectly separating the lashes while giving volume? I didn’t find that mascara yet.

Aprilskin Magic-cara Review

What I love:

  • The Quality – Two brushes, two options and a good quality compared to the price
  • The Price – On sale definitely even one of my cheapest mascaras!
  • The Effect – Finally I got volume on my lashes without using falsies!

What I hate:

  • Not Waterproof – I wish they had a waterproof option, too
  • Sticky – Sometimes lashes stick together, but thats not a big problem

Besides my Dolly Wink Mascara the Aprilskin Magic-cara became my favourite mascara for looks with fuller lashes but without false lashes. This product is definitely one I’d say it is really worth its money. And if the ad is true, it is even a product with natural ingredients. (Aprilskin’s slogan is „Solution from Nature“). If you want to buy one but live overseas you can buy one on their website!

I already used it for a while now and created a lot of looks with it.

Thank you for reading! If you need to buy a new mascara – that was my recommendation! See you next time!


My Birthday!

Hello squishies I’m here today to tell you that I successfully became one year older! (*´꒳`*) I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing though.. 

Sadly I have exams and I am not able to celebrate it around my birthday so I just studied and had a nice meal at home. And I also got a cake! 

It always was my dream to have an icecream cake as a birthday cake in Korea! And I got this very cute Ryan cake from BaskinRobbins! 

I want to thank all who where thinking about me yesterday and especially those who send me a message in any way. I got myself a present too a few days ago:

It’s a Korilakkuma Watch! Isn’t it cute??! (๑>◡<๑) I also bought an umbrella and makeup pouch.. 

I want to buy a new camera too! And then, I decided that a while ago, I want to make a few videos about Seoul as well! Just for having some memories of my last months in Korea before I go back to Germany. There are a few things to prepare before you start a YouTube channel like wether to have videos without voice over and if yes, in which language? Who do you want to reach? How often are you available to vlog, regular uploads are a must. It’s nothing new on YouTube, I really would like to try it though. But let’s see if I can find a good camera and channel name and improve my video skills a bit before that… haha. It’s just an idea. 

I should finally get up and study, but I probably just end up watching animes. Anyway have a nice evening and see you soon~ 


Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Part 3!

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Part 3 Review!

This review includes:

  • The A’PIEU Skinny Mascara Rilakkuma Edition No. 1 Long Lash
  • The A’PIEU Nail Color & Sticker Set Rilakkuma Edition

I was so happy when I saw that they are continuing their collaboration with Rilakkuma and his friends and of course I went to the store to get my products! Let’s start with the Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Skinny Mascara in No. 1 Long Lash.

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Skinny Mascara Long Lash

Actually when I saw it the first time I was not very impressed by the packaging because it’s just yellow and I am actually not a fan of this color.. It’s too bold for me haha. But anyway don’t judge by appearance, right? lol

The brush is one of these „skinny“ brushes that are said to apply the mascara without sticking the lashes together like glue and make it look overloaded.

Actually I didn’t see any big difference. I got darker and a tiny little longer lashes but since I already have black longer lashes it gave barely any effect. Sorry I didn’t eat makeup in my picture only the mascara and no lenses this time..

While applying it I felt like there was no product on the brush after one stroke. Like the brush doesn’t carry enough mascara.

Also after a long day outside and probably some accitential eye-wiping I had the feeling that there was barely any mascara left of my lashes because the end of them became a little blonde as they are naturally.

The Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Skinny Mascara Long Lash Review:

What I love:

  • The Price – it’s very cheap

What I hate:

  • The Design – just this yellow it not my style
  • The Effect – I’m missing it
  • The Quality – after a few hours the product is gone

I will not buy it again. It’s cheap, yes but I would rather save the money for a better one.

The Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Nail Color & Sticker Set

The Nail Color Set includes a sticker sheet and three nail colors in yellow, beige and brown, like the three San-X friends. With this set you can create the typical „face“ look on your nails like I did or just create other rilakkuma themed nail art.

The colors are nice and bold and dry quickly but there is a twist. Especially the yellow and brown color leave a yellow stain on the nails and it looks like you have some sickness. I forgot to take a picture of my nails when I removed it, but you can imagine that it’s the same with red nail color without a base under it.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Omg sorry these messy nails haha I didn’t think it was that bad when I took the photo..

So, when I was visiting again they sold another version of the nail color set – I bought it out of curiousity (without reading what’s inside) to see if it’s different from the first version. This time the set includes a milky moisturizing fluid, brown color and transparent topcoat nail laquer and a sheet of stickers. So its actually completely different from the first.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
The milky fluid (Nail Mate Nail Moisture) smells fruity and is a treatment you apply on the nail and skin and massage it until it’s absorbed. For color you have actually only one option: Brown (Glow Nail Touch). The color is similar to the first kit’s one. One time is enough to fully cover the nail without empty lines. It’s a nice choco brown I would also wear without the stickers during the colder months.

The top coat is actually not any special, it makes the coat sparkly like you just applied the color and keeps the sticker from falling off. So you should use the kit in 3 steps: Treatment, Color and Top Coat.

The Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Nail Color & Sticker Set Review:

The first kit:

What I love:

  • The Stickers – so cute and easy design!
  • The Price – 3 Colors and Stickers for 7.000 is actually pretty cheap

What I hate:

  • The Quality – The brown and yellow color leave a yellow stain! >.<

The second kit:

What I love:

  • The Stickers – same stickers, same designs
  • The Price – same price as the first
  • The included Products – I think the products in this kit are much better than the first, since it includes treatment, color and topcoat!

What I hate:

  • The Quality – The nail colors ares still no high quality nail colors^^

For both kits: I think if you are a huge fan like me of the cute little friends you should invest in the nail kit. I like the second one more than the first because I am not using the yellow color that often. I don’t know if it was my own fault, but when I tried to get the sticker off the sheet, it broke into two pieces.. So you should be careful and maybe use tweezers to apply it (I used my nails and fingers).

Many asked me where I bought the products and I was surprised how many Rilakkuma fans are out there! ^.^ Of course I will let you know!

I bought them at the A’PIEU stores in Seoul! There is one next to Ewha Womans University and one in Hongdae near Exit 9! Lately the products are available at Watson’s as well! If you are living overseas you can still get your Rilakkuma dose by ordering online!

Hope you love Rilakkuma as much as I do and have fun with the Rilakkuma x A’PIEU collaboration (^-^)/


Seoul Diary #2


Sorry for the long time of inactivity… This time I will write a little bit about my food experience in Seoul!

Oh dear! I gained a lot of weight again since I study here in Seoul and one of the reasons is the yummi food in here! I actually planned to write this post much ealier together with some more informations about my daily life here, but well, I was pretty busy the last month. As promised I will talk a bit about the food I was able to try so far and eating habbits you will definitely adopt.

 First difference between a European and a Korean table is actually quite nice: As you can see above in Korea the main dish always goes with two or more side dishes. And of course what is the bread and noodles for the German is the rice for the Korean.

One of the most different customs compared to my family’s is the fact that you always eat together. And usually not in your home but in one of the many many restaurants out. If you go alone to a restaurant you aren’t even able to eat everything, some dishes are just served for two or more people (like Shabu Shabu). There are of course people eating alone at a restaurant or at home, but the majority is eating together as it is usual for them. You may be stared at if you decided to eat out alone (especially as a foreigner). I experienced, speaking of my korean friends, that even if you are starving to death already since class was over, you still wait for your friends to come out of their courses to go out for dinner. What is also new for most of the foreigners who come here is the fact that you don’t order your own food and eat it by your own, you order many dishes and share them all together usually.

The opposite is the „I don’t have time for eating“ habit, many students don’t eat proper breakfast or lunch, they quickly grab a roll of kimbap at the local convinience store or at the old lady’s booth next to the office workers sipping their strawberry milk. After the first hours of their marathon of studying they just eat some cup noodle or ramyeon the the next convenient or 24h store. But if the risk to lose their seat in the library is too high, some would even skip their meals completely. This is actually pretty contradictory because a proper meal is more important than anything else, according to every korean parent.

Another fact is, as a vegeterian you will be left stranded in here because mostly the first question I get asked is „What do you want to eat, chicken? Beef? Or pork?“. You decide which restaurant you are heading for according to your decision of which meat you wanna eat. Almost every restaurant is specialised in some meat dish, but these days the vegetarian restaurants are also gaining more population as we know it from western countries. In general it’s not well seen to order something out of the menu, so you should just choose a dish that is without fish or meat instead. You are vegan? Have an allergy? Then you should probably look up a vegan place or studying the ingredients before wandering around in quest of finding a good restaurant to eat at or just eat at home. It sounds cruel but many people are not accostumed to people saying they don’t eat meat.

Drinking and working? For most of us these two actions are not compatible. For me anyway. But if you walk around the streets in Hongdae or Shinchon you can see many office workers trying to make their way home after a drink (or many) with their boss. On monday. And wednesday. Actually korean drink at any time. For lunch a bottle of soju or beer makes the perfect combination with their meat. During lunch break? Of course! And on Friday night? Let’s drink until dawn! I had some bad blackouts thanks to alcohol as well in my life but what I saw in Seoul was really terrifying. Girls lying around in their short dresses passed out and weird drunk guys picking up a fight. At 3 am I would say okay, that are the victims of their excessive night out in a club but most of these people are already totally done at 9pm. Okay I may exaggerate a little bit, but it is normal that once a week you go out for having a drink. And here we reach the point I can not understand.

If I would drink think this much as a normal female student in Seoul does, I would have to consider living in here for the sake of my body’s health. The other point is I would gain weight until I couldn’t even fit in international H&M clothes anymore. With every drink usually goes a small fatty dish. There may be a healthy opportunity as well but all I see on the girls tables are fries and chicken or kimchi stir fried rice. Topped with cheese. But most of them wear a European size XS. Not all but most of them. Now someone explain me how their bodies work. Is it the genes? Do they skip the other meals for it? Defenitely some do sports but the majority doesn’t.

At this point I have to say I really envy them. Of course they may eat more healthy than European, but if I would eat rice in the morning or as much meat as they do I would still gain weight. The fact that skinny girls are eating chicken and drinking 2 bottles of soju (1 has more than 500kcal) almost every weekend and still fit in the tiny tennis skirt I could just dream of is a mystery for me.

Something that underlines this mystery is the coffee shop culture that developed in the city of Seoul. Many many cafés that offer all kinds of sweet sins for your sweet tooth. You go there for studying and meeting friends and – you share a cake or sip on a dairy cup of latte. There are lattes of literally everything. Green tea, strawberry, blueberry, even red or black bean latte. And most of them are calorie bombs that could actually substitute your lunch.

Above you can see a for me totally new Korean honey butter bread! If you ever plan to live here and all the food is new to you, you better bring your running shoes ;) that’s it so far!

Next time I will -in opposition to this post- tell you something about diet and beauty in Korea! Thank you for reading :3


Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Set 2

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Part 2!

This review includes:

  • A’PIEU Water Light Tint Rilakkuma Edition
  • A’PIEU For Your Shadow Rilakkuma Edition

A little late but here’s the second part of my Rilakkuma x A’PIEU review! (^-^)/

This set is actually my favorite because I love to try new lip products and also I am still looking for new eyeshadows that I can use for a cute summer day makeup. I think I finally found something good here.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEURilakkuma x A'PIEU
The package is cute as ever! I love the design. I love to see so many rilakkumas everywhere on my makeup shelf. Of course the package is a big plus but let’s see the product itself!

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Water Light Tint Review!

I bought three shades:  PK01, RD01 and CR01

The pink is a really cute rose pink shade, while the red is very bold and the coral is a really natural coral shade which reminds me of the Etude House Cherry Tint. The texture is more creamy and not as I expected it to be for a „water light“ tint.

I took pictures how they look like on my lips, too:

As always I am sorry for the bad quality. I took them with my phone, I had no SD Card for my camera for a while so this had to be solution.

I love to wear them by just applying in the center and blend them outwards. Here’s my review:

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Water Light Tint Review:

What I love:

  • The Colors – Pink, red, coral, orange, for everyone a fitting shade.
  • The Quality – long-lasting tint that’s isn’t sticky or dry.
  • The Price – good tint for less money!
  • The Design – of course, I love it

What I hate:

Nothing to complain (^O^☆♪

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Right after I applied the coral tint! I went to a near café and ordered my drink. I studied a while and drank my tea.

The tint is unexpected long lasting! It still was on my lips and shiny like I just applied it!

Rilakkuma x A'PIEURilakkuma x A'PIEU
Did you notice my eye makeup? No? Well.. Then.. Ah still I will show it to you in the next review!

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU For Your Shadow in 3호!

Isn’t it even more cute? When I was at A’PIEU in Hongdae I couldn’t decide which shades I should buy. In the end I chose No. 3 and I don’t regret that decision! It was sold out in the stores after a week. The eyeshadow box includes 4 different shades, 3 in a rosy to bronze shiny shades and one in a matte red brown.

The shades are not high pigmented and usually I need to apply it repeatedly, but then the shadows blend very well.

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU For Your Shadow 3호 Review

What I love:

  • The Colors – cute rosy brown shades
  • The Price – good eyeshadow for less money
  • The Design – you can guess why :D

What I hate:

  • The Quality – not a high quality shadow quatro but okay for the price!

I’m not a makeup artist but I was satisfied with my work with the Rilakkuma x A’PIEU For Your Shadow. (^_^)

So that was the second part of my Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Review! I hope you are able to grab one of these special products! I am ready for the 3rd part of the Rilakuma x A’PIEU review, what about you? Follow me on Instagram for updates! (^ω^) hope to see you again soon~