My Birthday!

Hello squishies I’m here today to tell you that I successfully became one year older! (*´꒳`*) I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing though.. 

Sadly I have exams and I am not able to celebrate it around my birthday so I just studied and had a nice meal at home. And I also got a cake! 

It always was my dream to have an icecream cake as a birthday cake in Korea! And I got this very cute Ryan cake from BaskinRobbins! 

I want to thank all who where thinking about me yesterday and especially those who send me a message in any way. I got myself a present too a few days ago:

It’s a Korilakkuma Watch! Isn’t it cute??! (๑>◡<๑) I also bought an umbrella and makeup pouch.. 

I want to buy a new camera too! And then, I decided that a while ago, I want to make a few videos about Seoul as well! Just for having some memories of my last months in Korea before I go back to Germany. There are a few things to prepare before you start a YouTube channel like wether to have videos without voice over and if yes, in which language? Who do you want to reach? How often are you available to vlog, regular uploads are a must. It’s nothing new on YouTube, I really would like to try it though. But let’s see if I can find a good camera and channel name and improve my video skills a bit before that… haha. It’s just an idea. 

I should finally get up and study, but I probably just end up watching animes. Anyway have a nice evening and see you soon~ 

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