Missha BB BOOMER Review

Missha BB BOOMER Review!

Missha BB Boomer Review for you!

Hello my dear readers (if I have any *sobsob*), how have you been so far? Maybe you saw my pictures on Instagram, I was traveling around! So please excuse my break from blogging ^-^“

As I mentioned in my Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler BB CREAM review post, I wanted to try the Missha BB Boomer as well and after a few times of using under different circumstances, I will finally share my experience with you. I bought it at Amazon.de.


Missha BB Boomer

The package is a tube with a convenient pump applicator.

Missha BB Boomer

The product itself is a white, pink shimmery, creamy fluid with a nice scent.

Missha BB Boomer

Usage is easy as always, just apply a bean sized amount on the face and let the skin absorb the fluid. Apply BB Cream after.

Missha BB Boomer

So this is my face right after showering and skincare. I have a small irritation on my cheek. Good to see how long-lasting the BB Cream is combined with the Missha BB Boomer.

Then I applied my Missha M Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream.

Missha BB Boomer

My red spot is completely covered now.

Continue and complete the makeup.

Missha BB Boomer

I took this pic right after finishing my makeup. Always remember my red spot on the cheek.

Missha BB Boomer

And tadaaah~ this is my face after half a day, went outside, changed my clothes, put on circle lenses etc.. Still you cannot see my irritations!

Missha BB Boomer Review:

What I love:

  • The Feeling – Light and not too sticky, not cakey. Has a really nice scent. Doesn’t plug the pores.
  • The Quality – Survives a normal, not too busy day easily. It surely has a limit, like very hot weather and sweat a whole day long – it gives up after a while. Also if you rub your face like a few minutes long, no chance for the primer.
  • The Price – Not expensive. But not as cheap as in the origin country of course.

What I hate:

  • If you are using a really fat facial cream or an additional sun protection, it could be that the primer „swims“ on the skin, that means that it could be rub off very easily. Just like aqua planing. I have the feel, that this product works better on cold days. But I think this is a general primer problem.

When I visited Seoul, with its humid, hot weather, I used this primer every day. It did a really great job, and I really needed my makeup long-lasting, because I was sweating a bit, thanks to the unusual climate. I forgot to use it one day, and you could really see the difference in the evening. Plus, it doesn’t plug the pores like other primer I used before. It’s worth its price in every case.


Phew, it’s really hard to talk about products, that can barely be seen on photos. I hope you somehow got the points though. I have to say, that the results of products like this primer always also depend on the skin type. Keep that always in mind.

Anyway, thank you for your visit and I hope to welcome you again.

See you very soon~ 

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