Let me introduce my private blog to you! ^-^

Some of you know, I’m german, but I want to improve my english skills and that’s the reason why I’m trying to write every post in english. So please excuse my mistakes. The menu/navbar is still written in german, but I don’t think this would be a major problem.

This is a BLOG, so I will post about MY daily life, my experiences with makeup, circle lenses and skincare products. I’m doing this, because it’s fun, not to become a professional.

Rules in this blog:

  1. Don’t comment any sh*t. It’s useless. I will see what you wrote first and then confirm your comment. Or not.
  2. Don’t copy my pics. I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and… ;)
  3. Only read if you are interested. If you are not interested, don’t waste your time and LEAVE this page. No one forces you to read it.
  4. Thank you for considering my rules.

Thanks for your visit! <3 If you like my blog, I’d be honored to welcome you again. Maybe Like my page?

All photos are taken by me (exept the ones that are marked).

2 thoughts on “hello

  1. Dear Lisa Guglhupf,

    My name is Rosabelle Nguyen from Vietnam. I cannot speak German but I can speak English. I would like to improve my English too because it is not my mother tongue. Therefore, I have to improve it everyday. I also have passion in cosmetics. I have just known about you and your beauty blog. I hope we can make friends and the last but not least I wanna say that you are so pretty and your blog is very informative.

    Furthermore, I really want to write a beauty blog like you; however, I do not know what I start to write. Could you please give me some tips or advises for beginner? I have some problems with the decorations as well as the contents.
    Thank you a lot!
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Rosabelle! First, I’m really sorry that I answer just now. Thank you for your comment I am really happy to hear something from readers :) For the decoration problem: Just look up in the internet! I am also using a website or forum, where you can use small graphics or gifs for free! Just make sure, you are not violating any copyright (in germany we have strict laws..). For the content… Just write what you think. I also don’t think much about what to write, that’s why my posts look a bit messy sometimes haha. I like makeup and I was angry that I bought so much makeup stuff, that was just expensive but useless, that’s why I decided to write reviews for other people, that are interested in makeup like me. I think if you want to start (or maybe you’re already doing it?! Let me know please :)!) a blog, you should just start and you’ll see you will improve with every post. Once you get feedback from readers, you’ll know what they’re interested in. It’s like learning by doing :P (and google was my best friend in the beginning hehe).. :)

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