Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse Review

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse Review for you!

The beginning of the year was really stressful for me, so I wasn’t able to write any post until now.. But I got two new pairs of lenses and here’s the review for one of them: The Geo Eyescream Chocomousse!

I’ll start with the packaging as usual:

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

 So this is what the container looks like. I think the name of these lenses is really cute and yummy^^

Please always watch out and don’t cut yourself while opening these mean containers.

Next. The pattern of the lenses is really gentle as most of the Geo lenses I have:

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

Lately I am in love with brown lenses, so I ordered the Geo Eyescream Chocomousse as they are the darkest brown ones of the Eyescream series. As I already said, they are really gently covering my natural eye color and they don’t have a black circle as you can see. Somehow if I imagine it, the pattern reminds me of nice and intense chocolate ice-cream

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse

Geo Eyescream Chocomousse


The Geo Eyescream Chocomousse:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice, almost natural looking grayish brown color, that gently covers light eyes
  • The Effect – Natural also because of the low diameter of  14,5 mm, light enlargement, but not too big.
  • The Comfort – I was wearing them on new years eve, they had a hard time testing – but they endured it!
  • The Price – Not too expensive, one year disposal, normal price for colored lenses


What I hate:

  • The Expectation and Reality – The lenses in their advertising and the lenses I got are not the same… are they?


If you look at the advertising and back in the mirror, you’ll maybe be a bit disappointed, because on my eyes, they are not really that intense brown as they seem to be in the pictures. I thought I will get a really nice bold brown pair of lenses, but you can see how they look like on my light eyes. I had to look up twice, if I really ordered the Geo Eyescream Chocomousse and not the Vanilla Brown ones. But yeah.. I still like them, because they are cute and natural looking on my eyes. Great for daily use in my opinion.



This photo was taken with flash.

Now I want Ice-cream!!

Maybe I should get some..? Then, see you next time guys! :3


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