Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey Review for you!

It’s been a while again~

I was so busy these days with preparing for presentations and stuff so I couldn’t even do makeup properly… So after a busy week, I do enjoy writing a bit about a pair of lenses I got last month: The Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey!

I bought them at, since I am a silver elite member, it’s a bit cheaper for me there.

Anyway, if you are thinking about purchasing a new pair of grey lenses but don’t know if they suit you, I hope this review helps you.

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

As you can see the pattern is very bold, the black circle is clearly visible. In the inside there is a hint of brown. For people with brown eyes this might be a smooth blending.

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

here you can see how they look like on light eyes. since I used the flash because my room was too dark, you can see my natural eye color.

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey Review

What I love:

  • The Effect – Bigger eyes through black circle and a diameter of 14.8mm
  • The Comfort – They are actually better than other lenses I got from Geo, but they still get dry after a few hours.
  • The Price – honestly, I like that Geo lenses aren’t as expensive as other brands but still have a pretty big range

What I hate:

  • The Color – for me the brown circle is unnecessary and gives my eyes a even more fake look.

These lenses are pretty cute and look great with gyaru inspired makeup and also my so called ulzzang inspired eye makeup (of course just inspired because I can never look like one of these „ulzzang girls“ haha) but are a bit too much for daily use.


These days I am wearing circle lenses pretty often also during my lectures, but I didn’t have the courage to wear this pair haha

Geo Bambi Series Sesame Grey

Maybe I will wear them once, just to see how my classmates react to my huge eyes lol


I thought about updating my blog more often with daily looks and maybe uploading a new video, but I didn’t have the time for it yet. I wonder if can do it this year..? haha. Please follow me on Instagram (you can see at the right margin) to give me some feedback please~ Thank you

That’s it already for today, I hope to welcome you again soon~

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