Geo Angel Green

Geo Angel Green Review today~

Even though the weather is so nice and I have plenty of time to write reviews and do makeup, I feel like just doing nothing and be bored eating the whole day..

I bought so many new products in Japan that I actually have to write.. But first I have to introduce my current favorite pair of lenses to you! The Geo Angel Green! I guess they are pretty popular when in comes to circle lenses and now I know why!

Everytime I wore green circle lenses I got the most compliments. I guess brown eyes don’t suit me? Haha

The pattern of the Geo Angel Green is a clear green, tiles like print with a thick black circle.

Geo Angel Green

I always recommend to just wear circle lenses, if you’re not tired and your eyes don’t feel dry. Otherwise it’s just natural that the lenses itches in your eye. Also dont wear circle lenses more than 7 hours, or they will get too dry and won’t feel comfortable anymore. While running around in Shibuya, I wore them much longer than 7 hours, but they didn’t feel too dry. I guess the reason for this is also the high humidity haha. Their water content is arounf 38-40%.

I think these lenses are very beautiful. I like how the color looks like on my eyes.

Geo Angel Green

Even though the black circle it thicker and bolder than other lenses, my eyes don’t look too big. Even lighter makeup without heavy eyeliner goes great with it. Green lenses are always a good choice if you have light eyes like me. The color melts with the green and can’t be seen immediately in the daylight.

The Geo Angel Green:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice green color with a bold black circle.
  • The Effect – gently enlarging the eyes with a 14.2mm diameter.
  • The Price – Best get for the price!
  • The Comfort – Under good circumstances they feel very comfortable for a long time.

What I hate:

actually nothing.

As I said before, they are my current favorite lenses to wear. I guess because it’s summer, I’m going for lighter colors and so I do with my lenses. I think I will wear them to university too, since they aren’t too bold with light makeup.

 Here’s my look with the Geo Angel Green:

Geo Angel Green

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