EOS Milky Blue

EOS Milky Blue Review!

Today I want to share my thought on the lenses I bought last week: the EOS Milky Blue!

I ordered them from an online shop based in germany called Matlens (matlens.de). They are my only EOS ones I have atm and I wanted to go for a pair I can wear daily and with natural makeup.

The shipping was very fast, I got them two days after I ordered them.

As the name says, the EOS Milky Blue are designed to look a bit milky, I would describe it like a bad quality print with visible pixels. They have a light outer circle and the color isn’t too bold, more like my natural eyecolor a light blue.

They come in the usual packaging, a small glass container and the danger to cut yourself haha. I’m safe though. I washed them with lens solution and put them in one of my lens containers. The shop provides a small lens case and solution with each pair, which is a really good service in my opinion.

The Eos Milky Blue are ones that have an actual diameter of more than 14mm but the print on them is much smaller. So they don’t have that enlarging effect and look very natural. And this time I mean really natural because they melt with my natural eyecolor perfectly. The „pixel print“ that I was talking about before makes the circle looking soft and overall blurry. In my opinion these lenses would suit a cute and romantic look.

After 4 hours of wearing them they started to feel a bit dry but they don’t stick on my finger when I touch them like the GEO ones do. I didn’t wear lenses for a long time so this impression might change after a few times of wearing them. I would say for yearly and colored lenses they are on the more comfortable side of circle lenses.

EOS Milky Blue Review

What I love:

  • The Price – not too expensive for yearly lenses.
  • The Comfort – soft and not getting dry too fast
  • The Effect – gentle colored circle for a natural look

There’s nothing negative for now. Since I wanted natural looking ones, the lack of enlarging effect isn’t really a bad thing here. Of course the last point refers to my eyes only. If you have brown or ash grey eyes, the color might look different and not as natural as they do on my eyes. I look forward to wear them to university sometimes with my daily natural makeup. If you want to create a big eyes look, I would recommend to go for another pair of circle lenses.

Thanks for visiting my website and hope to see you again! (๑╹ω╹๑ )

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