Seoul Diary #1

My first

Hey Hey, long time no see! Hope everyone is doing as well as I am! So a little more than one month has passed and a lot of things already happened. If you’re curious about what I was doing in here during the days, keep on reading~

University start was already near when I finally could enter the dorm and until today I changed my room already one time.. If you decide to live in the dormitory you have either luck or bad luck with your roommate if you accidentially got a double room like me. But in my case it’s all really hard for me since I have a light sleep so…

My language courses at Ewha Womans University are easy and end everyday at 11am. Except for one course I am taking at Korea University and a Ceramics Class I am maing cute figurines and other pottery (yeah not very korean I know haha) I have free time every day I mostly try to use for exercising. Also I don’t have any course on friday which means I have a 3 day weekend, yay! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Since I am here I changed my hair color 4 times already. I came here with silver hair, used my semi-permanent pink color I brought here and also thanks to a friend from Ewha I was able to get my hair dyed grey at a korean hairsalon. Now I have very similar to my natural blonde but thanks to the chloride in the water with a hint of green.

In the first picture I had silver hair (I used Gatsby Aqua Silver a friend gave me from Taiwan *thankyou*)

In the second I was at a hairsalon near Ewha ( I don’t remember the name right now.. J&..B? or somthing like that..) I paid 55.000 Won for color and bangs. The color should actually last for more than one month but my hair… I hate it, after one week it was all gone. It left me with a ugly greenish blonde.

In the last (which was actually the first color I dyed here) I had my candy floss pink (Renbow Crazy Colors) and I had to use all 4 bottles to get this result.. I really don’t know whats the matter with my hair.. If somebody can dye my hair permanently pink, and it really stays for more than one month, I’ll get him/her an award..

Also I tried many foods and still didn’t try all of it! Compared to eat at a restaurant every day is less expensive than grocery shopping. I gained so much weight because I go to convenient store more often and buy food there than going to buy salad and fruits at grocery store because its so expensive! compared to germany if you buy 4 apples in here you easily pay at least 4.000 Won which would be around 3€. In germany if I buy 4 apples I pay.. around 1,60-2€ (non-season).. also my beloved strawberries.. But what is a bigger problem for me is buying vegetables. I pay around 50cent for a big green cucumber while I pay more than 1€ for a small one.. Tomatos as well.. Eating low carb or even being vegetarian in Korea is not recommended since almost all dishesinclude rice and meat :D But let’s talk about the food next time.

It’s cherry blossom season in here~

I always just saw single trees in germany or just pictures of the famous cherry blossom, but now I saw it myself and it’s so beautiful! I went to 잠실 (Jamsil) and 여의도 (Yeoido) and took some pictures there~ I thought this must be a couple thing – and I was not dissappointed, couples over couples could be seen taking pictures everywhere. In general the couple-cult in korea is a thing you will notice if you stay here for a few days. But back to the cherry blossom! In areas with many cherry trees they hold big festivals and masses of people streaming there. Sadly I caught a cold and can’t go out again today.. Be careful with the spring weather! It’s warm but don’t overestimate the sun yet! The wind can be very cold so it’s easy to catch a cold these days!

Sakura Latte

I had so much fun already in these 2 months here, and I hope I will be able to make many more good memories during the next year~


Year Abroad

Minna Annyeong~

How have you been? I have been so busy, I haven’t ever been this busy all my life.. Studying all day, I didn’t have time for my one and only hobby – Makeup and got fat again (TT^TT) But it was worth it, because I will go on a big journey this month: I will study abroad for one year.ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

Yes, I finally did it! I will live in South Korea for one year! Time flies and in just a few days I am sitting in the plane on my way to Incheon Airport. I know, many students did it before and it’s actually nothing special these days anymore but still, I am so excited and scared at the same time. I will be seperated from my family for all this time, if I can’t go back during the year, and I can’t do anything if something happens to them. Actually this is my biggest fear right now.

Also I am worried if I fail in my study. I can’t speak korean fluently yet, even though I am studying for more than a year now. And I am too shy to do so. I guess my biggest enemy in learning a language is myself -.-

And actually, I don’t know if I should update this blog with my experiences in Korea, too, because I started it as a beauty blog and don’t know if I just start writing about my life in Korea, too. And if I even have time for writing.. Maybe I will just do it and see what happens.

I lived really unhealthy the last two weeks and gained weight back. My skin is really dry and additionally I caught a cold because now the stress is all gone and my immune system shuts down.. Please if you ever are really stressed, take time to take care of yourself..

Still even I got back to chubby, I am looking forward to start my life in Korea! Looks don’t go over character right? Haha. I will study hard and live happily, and even if it’s hard, I will try to make the best out of it.

See you next time in korea!~


Yumeya Ramenrestaurant Frankfurt

Yumeya Ramenrestaurant Frankfurt


Yumeya Ramenrestaurant Frankfurt

Yesterday I visited the Yumeya Ramenrestaurant in Frankfurt. Two japanese students from our university asked me to come with them to Frankfurt to pick up some new japanese students for summer school and so a friend of mine and I joined them.

It was soo yummi! But I couldn’t eat it all.. Haha. I was eating so slowly and the other students I was with were waiting only for me so… Ya. I had the 冷ざしラーメンゴマ(Hiyashi Ramen Goma)。And a plate of たこ焼き(Takoyaki)。We got an extra icecream for free!! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Yumeya Ramenrestaurant Frankfurt




So~ that were my dishes from Yumeya Ramenrestaurant Frankfurt.

Until next time!