Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Set 1

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Series Review Part 1!

  • A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Rilakkuma Edition in 21호
  • A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Blusher Rilakkuma Edition in PK01 & VL01 (CR01 and CR02 in SNS if requested)
  • A’PIEU Korilakkumas Favorite Mud Fresh Cleansing Foam

These days I spent way too much money on makeup I actually don’t really needed but was a must to purchase! Right in front of our University a big window sticker was having my attention:

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
My favorite two things in life are finally combined in one: Makeup and Rilakkuma! (。♥‿♥。)


Sadly the products are limited and I hope I am not too late with my reviews, but maybe you have the opportunity to get some! You can get all the products also without Rilakkuma design at A’PIEU stores and some of the products are also available at WATSONS.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
I got almost all of  the products, but in the end it is just the A’PIEU products with a new cover so I didn’t buy colors I would never use (for example the brown blusher or the bright orange lip tint) and at some part I am glad I didn’t buy all even though I love Rilakkuma so much. But enough chatting let’s start with the A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Rilakkuma Edition!

A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Rilakkuma Edition!

As the main point in this makeup range, let’s take a look at the very cute packaging of the product! It’s a cute Rilakkuma lying on a cushion…! A cushion..haha.. on a cushion.. Sorry. ._. But look how cute it is!

The good thing is, there is a refill included! And the sponge is so cute!! Let’s see the inside!

The cushion is a little different to the Aprilskin cushion, you get much more product out of the cushion by pressing the sponge on it. I am the type of person who rather uses too much than too less so this cushion just fits me perfectly haha. Since it was the first time using a product from A’PIEU I was really excited about the quality.

Sorry for this very tired face ( I can’t sleep well these days) and towel turban haha.. As you can see the coverage is quite good and I feel no. 21 is just right for my summer skin. I applied it one time in the picture, I use to apply it once more to give more coverage (There is no filter in the picture btw). In my opinion, the cushion is also quite moisturizing, not as much as the Aprilskin Snow Cushion White, but it’s not drying out my skin without making it feel too sticky. I guess that’s what the Air Fit Cushion gives its name. It doesn’t feel like „Air“ at all though.
Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Review:

What I love:

  • The Design – for Rilakkuma lovers like me there is no excuse for not buying it
  • The Coverage – good for a natural makeup, if you want a flawless face for a night out I would not recommend this
  • The Price – I paid 13.000원 in total including the refill, so cheap!

What I hate:

  • Not very longlasting – I reapply it a few times during the day because the coverage gets less throughout the day

I would say this is a very good product for everyday use. It’s not too heavy, doesn’t feel too sticky, which is very annoying if you wear you hair lose and especially in summer very annoying. I don’t have that „airy“ feeling, but it is still wearable. For the price it is totally fine to just buy it because it looks cute, since makeup is also some kind of accessory for us girls. (^_^)haha. Don’t waste your money like me.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Sorry I didn’t find any picture without Sakura filter ㅠㅠ in the pictures I am wearing two layers of the Air Fit Cushion, so my freckles are more covered. Also the blusher I am wearing in here is a special one, which leads us to the next review~

Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion Blusher Review

The second item that was released was the Air Fit Cushion Blusher in 5 different shades. I just purchased 4 of it, because I wouldn’t use the brown shade anyway. From pink to violet all of them has another cover and here are the two I will review:

Rilakkuma x A'PIEURilakkuma x A'PIEU
Aren’t they cute?? Also it is the first time I am using a cushion blusher! In Germany you would never find something like that and so I was really excited to try them.

The cushion is similar to the Air Fit Cushion but smaller. I love how moisturizing it is when you apply it on your cheeks.

A’PIEU x Rilakuma Air Fit Cushion Blusher Review:

What I love:

  • The Price – I paid around 5.000원 which is ca. 4€
  • The Convenience – cute cheeks in seconds!
  • The Blush – gentle or bold shades for a cute look!
  • The Comfort – feels like air without the use of powder

What I hate: Nothing~ I am totally happy about this purchase.

In the end of the day I still have to say that if you don’t use primer and cuddle your bf for hours with rubbing your cheeks together of course the blusher will be gone after a while just like the Air Fit Cushion. But I love how easy it is to use and it’s so convenient for a quick morning routine. And I have the feeling the colors make my cheeks looking super cute! Hihi.

Haha yes both is me but with a day between the captures. In the upper picture I used the Pink Blusher and in the lower one I used the violet one.

Last one of this set is:

The Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Mud Fresh Cleansing Foam!

I saw that this product was sold out in many stores just after a few days :( but you can still buy it as the regular version.

I didn’t take any pictures while I am using it because it is too dangerous for my cameras to be in the bathroom and also you wouldn’t see much.

In my opinion the cleanser is as any other I tried before, refreshing and removing leftover makeup. I paid about 5.000원 and I think it’s a reasonable price for a cleansing product in here. And just look at the package, it’s saying buy me I’m cute!

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU

If you want to know more about the cleanser just comment or mail me in Facebook or Instagram.

That’s it for today~ next time I will introduce the second set of Rilakkuma x A’PIEU! So stay tuned ㅇㅅㅇ


Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Review

Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cream & Cushion (화이트) Review

Today I want to introduce my new favorite products: the Aprilskin Magic Snow Cream and the Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion (White)!

Honestly, Facebook really got me with it’s advertising here. Everytime I was checking my timeline I saw the ads of Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) with their beautiful girls using some products in it. Since I am always interested in makeup, I was watching their advertising and soon visited their page to find out where I could buy it. Except for their online shop I couldn’t find any offline shop. The price was quite high so I was looking at the brand stores around here, but no. Someday I checked their facebook user posts and someone was having the same problem haha. They replied that some of their products are only selled in Olive Young in Myeongdong . So… I went there and actually found something! Yay! (´∇ノ`*)ノ (I now saw they have even more products in stock now…TT-TT). If you walk around there, you could take a look. I can’t order on the internet yet because of my lack of korean *cough* and the main reason is because I don’t have a korean phone number yet. Somehow you need it, wheresoever you want to order something.

I had a massive allergic reaction again in my face and had to wait for my skin to soothe again. Since I am in Korea I am way more sensitive and it happened two or three times that I had a reaction to makeup in here. I guess it is one of my Etude House Cushions.. But finally I got to try two of the Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) products and don’t want to keep my impressions from you!

First as always the packages~

As you can see the cushion is similar to most of the cushion makeups other brands sell. I just noticed, that the amount of products coming out of the cushion is way more than for example when I used my Etude House Precious Mineral Cushion one. I think this is really good because I don’t need to press the pad on the cushion for a hundred times.

I first used the Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cream and after that I used my Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cushion (White). As you may guess there is a Black one as well, which is as I know for oily and combination skin, the white one is for dry skin and is therefore very moisturizing. Since the water in korea contains chlorid for hygenic reasons my skin is very very dry and sensitive to environmential influences. I chose the White Cushion because of this reason.

The Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cream is as well moisturizing and I was really surprised how strong the whitening effect was. I was of course expecting it, but how white my face was could be seen when I just applied it on one part of my face!

Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cream

My Skin feels smooth and hydrated after using it. But it just whitens the skin and doesn’t really brighten or balancing dull areas such as the dark circles under the eyes. If I would just use the cream and go out I would surely get asked if I am a vampire or zombie haha. A living corpse maybe?

Next step: The Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cushion (White)

Just in case you never used a cushion makeup foundation or BB, you press the sponge on the cushion and some of the product will be squeezed out and you can apply it on your face with the sponge or pad.

Here you can see the coverage by my freckles on my cheek:


Sorry for my bad skin but it was right after my allergy calmed down a little and I had too less sleep these weeks. Still you can see in here that the coverage is quite high and the product is very moisturizing as my skin appears shiny. It is just a hint from being to yellow for my skin and is somehow balancing the white cream under it. The reason why I like this cushion is that it doesn’t dry out my skin after a while as most of my bbcreams and foundations do. Also combined with the Snow Cream it is not running in my lines and lid though. It says it is moisturizing and it really does moisturize the skin. If you have oily skin I don’t recommend this cushion and would try the black cushion instead.

I heard from a friend that this product got many bad reviews from Korean customers but I can not agree with it. For me this is the first product in a while that doesn’t let my skin hyperventilate by giving me a terrible allergic reaction like I recently got when I tried for example Etude House products. Plus it seems to keep all its promises, Aprilskin is promoting it with. The product is not a miracle cure. But for me it brings some good features with positive impacts. It is of course not the cheapest brand but still I prefer to use things I know I can use without worries.

Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cream Review


What I love:

  • The Effect – Whitening, moisturizing effect given!
  • The Comfort – Feels like a facial moisturizing cream, light but not watery.
  • As a Base it’s smoothing your skin and makes your makeup more longlasting!

What I hate:

  • Kind of expensive..
  • For too fair skin types I advise to not use it as it may make you looking sick.
  • If you’re not an online-shopper you will have to visit one of the Olive Young Stores in Myeongdong, which is, depends on where you live, can be a long way to get it.

I guess after I used it, I will be willing to buy it again, but I guess it will depend on my financial state that time haha. So far I have no allergic reactions to it, which means there aren’t any weird chemical ingredients in it, but I am not 100% sure about it. It is moisturizing and whitening, if I need more coverage and my makeup to stay longer, this is defenitely my first step.

Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cushion White


What I love:

  • The Effect – Moisturizing and not drying out the skin after a few hours.
  • The Coverage – Makes my skin looking almost flawless even on pictures without using any filter!
  • The Comfort – My skin feels hydrated and not dry. A minus point may be that it could feel a little sticky, depends on your skins condition.
  • The Cushion – I love this kind of makeup recently because it’s handy and easy to use! The products comes out of the cushion just by slightly pressing the sponge on it. Also the case includes a mirror!

What I hate:

  • The Price – I can’t decide weather it’s cheap or expensive. I have other products, that are a little cheaper but then also the quality is a little less good than the Aprilskin cushion.
  • The Purchase – Same as the Cream, you also have to order it online or go all the way to Myeongdong!

I don’t know yet how long it will last, but if it lasts like more than 3 months then the price is totally fine I guess. I came to the same compromise with my Sans Soucis Facial Cream it is even arounf the same price and almost lasts until after 3 months. It even became a product of my facial skin care routine I can’t live without anymore haha. I hope the Aprilskin (에이프릴스킨) Magic Snow Cushion White can do an even better job!(*^▽^*) I will probably try to order products from their website they don’t sell in Olive Young. (Tip for ordering from their website: they have an english website as well ;) )

And as always, here my look with the two products:


Thank you for reading! Hope you like my short introduction to my current favorite brand and maybe give you some inspiration for your next purchase. Feel free to ask me anything or comment if you want to share your opinion with me!

Hope to see you soon! (^ν^)


Holika Holika Naked Face

Holika Holika Naked Face Series Review

Hello lovelys, today I have a review of the Holika Holika Naked Face Series for you!

It’s really hard to resist the huge sale they hold from time to time at the many makeup stores next to my university and this time I failed hard! But I don’t regret buying some stuff at Holika Holika because fortunately the things I bought turned out to be some of my favorite and even daily makeup products! Three of these products are from the Holika Holika Naked Face series: the Balancing Primer, the Fitting BB and the Cover-Up Concealer!

These are the products I bought! From concealer to lip tint ~

The products I will review today are the Holika Holika Naked Face Balancing Primer, Fitting BB in No. 21.5 Naked Beige and the Cover-Up Concealer in No. 1 Bright Beige

For this Review I wrote down a few facts so if you want the compact review just keep scrolling!

I used all products starting from the Primer to BB Cream to Concealer:

The Primer has three colors for three different effects in it: Green for reducing redness, Lavender for brightening up dull areas and Pink for evening the skintone. The texture is very light and doesn’t block the pores as some primers use to do. I feel like I am just applying moisturizing cream on my skin.

On days when I am super tired I prefer to use BB Cream first and apply concealer after it so the BB Cream doesn’t blend the concealer to much and the darker areas appear brighter. It depends on how you apply it and what effect you want, you can first apply concealer and then blemish balm as well. The BB Cream is also a very light and watery cream, that can be easily applied all over the face just by the fingers or a sponge and the coverage isn’t too high to give a natural look. Sadly the shade I bought is a hint too yellow for me. It was the lightest tone they had and even the shop lady said I have very fair skin. But with the brightening primer under it it blends just right. Plus the Cream has a SPF of 30PA++ which is important when the weather gets warmer. One thing that bothers me is the smell and that the cream is a little sticky after applying it. Some don’t care about this „Makeup“ smell how I call it haha but I prefer ones that make my face smell sweet hihi.

The Concealer is also the lightest shade they sold there and has just the right shade to waken up my dark, tired eyes. The coverage is quite good and the texture is not too creamy. Sometimes if the concealer is to thick it happens easily that the product runs into my endless eye-laughter lines and I barely get it even without rubbing. Just now that the sun shines brighter I squint my eyes almost the whole time.

After applying it my face is almost flawless and ready for the next steps. Sometimes, for example when I used a sheet mask right before, I like to use some setting powder after it. But because I have very dry skin since I am in korea, I don’t need to use powder after it.

Holika Holika Naked Face

Holika Holika Naked Face

Holika Holika Naked Face

Holika Holika Naked Face

Holika Holika Naked Face

I changed my place of taking the photo for the last two pictures so the light looks different but I hope you can still see the progress from 1 without anything to last with all three products. I used the camera’s soft filter so my freckles don’t look to dark in the first picture.

The Holika Holika Naked Face Series Review


Balancing Primer

What I love:

  • The Texture – light and not sticky!
  • The Effect – Brightens up dark skin and reduces redness!

What I hate:

  • The Price – It’s a little expensive if you don’t hit the sale. Sadly I threw away my receipt so I don’t know the exact price..Something arounf 15.000 Won… affordable but there are cheaper ones that have almost the same quality.

Fitting BB in 21.5

What I love:

  • The Coverage – Not too high no create a natural look
  • The Texture – Watery, but compared to the Sweet Cotton BB Cream much more fluid. A little sticky.
  • The Price – Affordable. Compared to the price the quality is just right.

What I hate:

  • The Stickiness – after applying it, it feels a little sticky.

Cover-Up Concealer in 1 Bright Beige

What I love:

  • The Coverage – As the range is called – not too high but enough to hide tireness
  • The Texture – More fluid than others, doesn’t dry out and doesn’t feel sticky.
  • The Price – My new everyday concealer! Not the cheapest but affordable and longlasting.

What I hate:

  • The Application – To apply it under the eyes is a little difficult without a brush. If you’re in a hurry its hard to get the right amount of the product thanks to the tube applicator. Or maybe this just happens to me.


All in all good products for everyday use. If I need high coverage I prefer to use other BB Creams. But if you see there’s a sale at Holika Holika it is worth visiting!

As always here are some photos with my full makeup~

Holika Holika Naked Face

Holika Holika Naked Face

That was my review for the Holika Holkia Naked Face Serie! If you have any further questions or any comments, just let me know below! Or follow me on Instagram!

The weather is getting warmer here in Seoul! So I already grabbed a new sun cream and hair treatment! I don’t like warm weather but I guess I have to deal with it right? This week I went makeup shopping in Myeongdong and I am really excited to tell you what I bought and to recommend them if they turn out to be good! Anyway thank you for visiting and hope to see you around next time as well! ^_^


Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Nr. 1 Camellia

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Nr. 1 Camellia Review for you!

Hihi! This time I’m back with a really incredible product you will defenitely wanna try, too! The Innisfree Eco Flower Tint! Thanks to my korean friend Seojung, who came to visit us in germany during the holidays last year, I got to now about this nice lip tint. I got it as a present, and I am really really happy~ Thank you dear, I love it so much!! <3

First thing I will say about it is: This lipt tint is almost as good as the Etude House Dear Darling Tint I reviewed last year. It is my absolute favorite when it comes to lip tints, because it’s the most long-lasting tint I own. And the Innisfree Eco Flower Tint is about to beat the Nr. 1! So if I may have your attention now? Innisfree Eco Flower TintMy precious presents! So cute!!
The Kitty thing is a comb and mirror in one!

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint

I guess you already know: Above I’m wearing just a bit of concealer and below I applied the Innisfree Eco Flower Tint once. I filled my whole lip with it, what I usually don’t do.^^

The Innisfree Eco Flower Tint in Nr. 1 Camellia:

What I love:

  • The Color – Nice bold pink perfect for a cute and cheeky look!
  • The Quality – High pigmentation, I mean that’s what I think.
  • The Comfort – Not sticky, not heavy, but you feel wearing something. Just right.
  • Long-Lasting – Almost as long-lasting as the Etude House Tint – I said before.

What I hate:

  • there’s actually nothing in particular that I dislike, but if you don’t wait until it’s dry, it can fade easily.

So I would buy another one if I knew the price wouldn’t be too high. I really like this lip tint. I’m wearing it every two days or so. I guess to have it in other colors would be a good thing.

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint

Here I am wearing the lip tint! ^_^

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint

I used the Aillis Star filter so it looks a bit bolder than it looks like in the pictures above^^

Hope you enjoyed my little review today! Would be a pleasure to welcome you again!



Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05 Silver Grey

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05 Silver Grey Review!

Today I want to introduce the second eyeshadow palette I bought at Shibuya109 to you. Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05 Grey Silver. It’s the 5. palette of Tsubasa Masuwakas Makeup range of the japanese makeup brand Koji. Usually I don’t use silver or grey eyeshadows, but still I had to buy it since I am a really big fan of Tsubasa. I used this eyeshadow the first time for my Halloween makeup and for my New Year’s Eve look.

I’m sometimes not a person of many words so…. Here as usual the package and shades first:



Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

as you can see, the first two shadows are very light, because of the flash they can rarely be seen here^^‘

The Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05 Review:

What I love:

  • The Quality – good pigmentation as always, blends very well.
  • The Price – I would always pay this price for such a lovely palette.
  • The Color – I guess the shades are still cute even though it’s silver and grey.

What I don’t like:

  • In my case: The color. I don’t like using shades like these because they make my eyes looking tired and red. I guess I can’t wear dark makeup because of my dark circles. But this is just my opinion, so if you are using darker shades more often, this palette is just about right^^

Here I took some photos of just my eyes:

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

Without lashes and with flash~

Below with Diamond Lash upper lashes:

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

And with Diamond Lash upper and lower lashes:

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

This was my look for new year’s eve ^_^

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette 05

Ah I’m really sorry for the bad quality, it was already late at night when I took these… Some of you may have seen my Instagram posts^_^ I don’t know but sometimes I like this look and sometimes I really hate wearing lenses, lashes and eyeshadow like this.. It’s really weird haha.

Next post I will tell a little bit about my current life and my plans this year! Please take some time to visit again!

Have a good day~