10 reasons to start exercising

10 reasons to start exercising now!

Today I want to give you 10 reasons to start exercising right now and keep going throughout 2018!

Many of you know I have been struggling with my weight and started exercising, wether it was running or doing a complete workout at the gym. I am not a model nor am I body builder, but I am close to my personal goals and keep improving every time. The main goal for me was to lose weight, but I found other advantages of exercising, too.

1. Losing weight

Yes, after you workout you may look like a model. If you have been one before probably. No, the hard reality is that you need to exercise a long time to see first results on your scale. First you gain weight and many give up at this point already, but you actually already exchanged fat for muscles! If you start exercising regularly and go on a more healthy diet, you’ll lose weight.

2. Firing up your metabolism

Feeling bloated? Last minute exercise is mostly the key to avoid a round belly in your tight dress on new year’s. Exercising helps your body to digest faster and better and helps preventing a bloated tummy. It’s keeping your metabolism up throughout the day.

3. Prevent overeating

You know the feeling of you could be eating all day? A sudden greed for a bag of chips or even a bowl of rice? I noticed myself whenever I completed a workout session I don’t feel like randomly snacking at all. Sometimes I could even let the day pass by without eating after a visit at the gym (which is of course not healthy!!) If I haven’t eaten all day I get hungry even during the workout, but I eat a normal portion and stop eating when I don’t feel hungry anymore. So who works out eats less.

4. Better overall condition

Totally exhausted after those stairs to the next classroom? I know. But with exercising regularly you will feel in a better condition overall.

5. Bye Cellulite

The reason for these ugly little holes in our problem areas is that there’s no tension, not enough hydrated, no muscles, fat. With exercising, reducing fat and building muscles you can naturally lift and strengthen those areas and you will see how it’s getting less after a short while. Of course exercising alone can’t do those miracles, for the best results a healthy diet is a must.

6. Motivation up

Did you know that exercising can make your day a little brighter? If you experience success in exercising it motivates you to reach your goals in other parts of your life, too! Only logical, right? I always felt like I could do big after completing a good workout. I study a lot more since I exercise and my grades went up, too!

7. Feeling stronger

Exercising and getting physically stronger makes you feeling stronger in personality. New confidence, knowing you’re looking great makes you feeling great. I learned how to see the positive things even in bad situations and try to find a solution more effectively than I did when I wasn’t exercising.

8. Better facial skin

Not only cellulite will be improving, also your facial skin, arms, upper body, too! Exercising is turning up your blood circulation, especially in your facial area. Less acne (i don’t promise that though) and a healthier glow is a nice effect and another good reason to exercise. My dark circles look less deep when I exercise.

9. Feeling younger

I am not the youngest anymore but I feel like I am back in my teens again. When I wasn’t really active I felt like everything was hurting, I wasn’t flexible and agile that much anymore. With exercising I improved my flexibility and feel much more energetic than before.

10. Soul Balance

Yeah of course you heard that a lot and maybe even tried it before, exercising or working out can help releasing stress and find an inner balance. And by that I don’t say you need to do yoga or such things, I hate that myself, but to try exercising to learn about your body limits and strengths and to understand it. I never really saw my body as the thing that is carrying around my soul, my mind but with exercising I learnt to have control over my mind and body and for me exercising also became a way to release stress.


I hope you found some motivation to start exercising this year. You don’t have to go to gym and do the hardest workout, also running or a dance class can be the exercise you need and enjoy. Even if you start at the bottom, you can and will improve. I couldn’t run 500m without collapsing and now I can run 10km and more on good days. Keep going and never give up. If you fall, get up and go on. I wish you all the best and keep working hard to achieve your goals in 2018!


My december favorites!

First ever fav products post! My december favorites!

Hi! In this post I want to introduce my favoritve products for the month december! Of course you can use them in every other moth as well hihi but it’s just that I am using them recently and think you might be interested in them, too.

  • Canmake Colorful Nails Nail Polish
  • Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub
  • Dr. Jart Milky Peeling
  • Organix Pink Sugar Plum Shampoo + Conditioner
Canmake Colorful Nails 33 & 34

Pink Glitter and Pink Jelly! I love love love these nail polishes for this month! Everything is so sparkly and so I want my nails. Everyone who knows me will know that I’d rather go for a sparkly rose and silver than a red and gold for christmas. Well a rose and gold combination would be even better I guess. The quality of these polishes aren’t that great but the price isn’t as high as well. But the colors are cute and I got many compliments for them. So what do you want more?

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

Applying matte lipstick on a lip with dead lip skin cells? Not a good idea. Since it’s getting colder  my lips are dry and aren’t so soft any more. Applying a lip balm just covers it up and makes it soft but to get completely rid of it I am using the Lush Lip Scrub with the heavenly sweet smell in Sugar Fairy Plum. Plus, I can just eat the remaining scrub for a little sweetness during my morning or even routine!

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel

I have been struggling with very dry and rough skin around my nose and I couldn’t apply makeup without this area getting flakey. I was trying a few products until I got the Dr. Jart Micro Milk Pee. Dr. Jart+ is available in Germany in selected Douglas stores and I got to try this. The Micro Milk Peel comes in a small bottle with a two phase fluid you need to shake before using and a pack of their special peeling pads. The Pads have two sides, one for sensitive skin and one for normal and combination skin. It’s an advantage for me because sometimes my skin is really sensitive and hurts and sometimes I really need deep cleansing. Since I use it 2-3 times a week it feels more soft and I think this fluid is a good alternative to peeling gels. I am using it together with the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Cleansing Foam.

Organix Pink Sugar Plum Shampoo + Conditioner

I am totally into plum smell these days and so I decided to go for the limited edition of Organix. The shampoo and conditioner promise to give a dreamy hydration and the smell is absolutely great. I used it with normal hard water and my hair felt really soft and light after the first try. I am using the travel sized ones in coconut water at the gym and they are making my hair really soft, compared to when I used others, my hair was really hard and tangled. The shampoo is quite pricey, but the size is a bit bigger than my other ones and I guess the smell made me buy it in the end.

(๑╹ω╹๑ ) That’s it already, I didn’t now if anyone is still reading my blog, so I wanted to start with a small entry for now. However, if you are here I want to thank you for reading and hope you visit again!


Korilakkuma Café

A Dreamy Day at Korilakkuma Café

In January I visited Tokyo again for a special reason: the Korilakkuma Café in Harajuku! And of course for spending time with my bf, shopping, eating… but the main point was visiting the cute and fluffy restaurant that opened for a limited time next to Takeshita street!

The difficult part was making the reservation that is needed to enter the café. The website is in Japanese and they had no intention on welcoming foreign visitors as they request a Japanese (somehow Korean worked as well but my German one didn’t) phone number and address in Japan. Also they asked for writing your name in Kana which is a little awkward if you don’t have a Japanese name and they try to call you. Somehow I made two reservation back in Dezember for the 31.01. and 01.02. The café will close at 15.02. and you need to reserve at least 3 days before your actual visit. Also I had to pay for only making the reservation, it was around 20€.

When I was in Tokyo earlier I tried to enter without reservation hoping someone cancelled but they wouldn’t let you in even if it would be the case.

The café was decorated with pink and pastel color themed pictures of Korilakkuma. Everywhere were some Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma dolls and even the windows were decorated with Korilakkuma Stickers. When you enter the cafe the staff hands out the towel that you get with every reservation and guides you to your seat with a postcard, a coaster and a paper dinner mat with Korilakkuma Café Logo on the table waiting for you. You might get sleepy after a while because they played songs in the background that sounded like coming out of a small music box. The whole atmosphere was just like the theme in the cafe: Sweet dream of Korilakkuma.

The staff was very friendly, even if they couldn’t speak English at all (and I mean at all, not even yes or no) but they tried to explain everything in Japanese since I could understand a little and speak enough to answer easy sentences. They served all the food with typical Japanese manner.

The menu included a few Japanese dishes, drinks and desserts, all with Korilakkuma faces and some even with fluffy candy cotton on top! You can look up the menu on their website. They even offer the cute candy cotton for take out!

While you are waiting for your order, they where calling each table for a visit at the shop corner to get some Korilakkuma Café merch. Sadly all the plush toys where sold out but I got some cute other things there like a linen shopping bag and key charms. Actually I was looking for the Korilakkuma’s sweet dream collection in every Rilakkuma store by everything was sold out already. ㅠㅠ (if you know an internet shop where I can find it please let me know immediatelyㅠㅠ)

The first time we visited was around dinner time so we ordered the curry and the burger. Also I got the strawberry milk and my bf the fluffy strawberry soda.

The next day we came around early lunch time and I had the creamy cheese soup and my bf got the curry again, I guess he saw how I was struggling with the burger bun the day before xD as a dessert I ordered the chocolate lava cake covered in cotton candy and my bf the berry pancakes. I got a cup of caramel latte, too. They were just as Korilakkuma very sweet. I have to admit I was about to explode after I almost finished all. I really felt like a monster eating two dishes but for most of the Japanese visitors it was totally fine to just order everything on the menu (and completely emptying the plates!). The food was very yummy and really cute to look at.

Korilakkuma Café

Now I wrote down everything with kind of a… neutral mind but..  OMG IT WAS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY!! (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ and I had the best time ever in there while eating yummy things next to a hundred Korilakkuma dolls. When I think back I could cry, it was like I entered a small hidden place straight out of heaven even though for most of the people it would be just another pop up café haha. I will show you the stuff I posted on my Instagram, so come and say hello there~

Oh and if you are currently in Japan, don’t miss the cute rilakkuma sweets they sell at Lawson!

Hope I didn’t make you too envy with this post (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) hihi just kidding.. But I wish I have the opportunity to go to such a cute café again soon (*´-`)


Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Care

Rilakuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Care Products!

Hello everyone! I am back with new products! A’PIEU just launched a new range of the cute Rilakkuma x A’PIEU products and of course I was right there when they opened two days ago! I already tried some of the products already! I wrote this post with my app so no cute pixel pics 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

The main point of this series is lip care! 6 of their products are lip products. I got the Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey and Milk lip balm, scrub and sleeping pack and the set of 3 hand balm and 3 shades of the lip tints. All the packages are so cute!

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
Today I will write something about the three lip care products! 

As you may noticed, the lip care products have all the Rilakkuma as a Bee motives on it so you can guess what it smells like!
Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
The products smell slightly sweet, I would say like honey! Since the weather is so cold my lips are so dry and I warmly welcomened these products! I tried all of the products once (since I just got them yesterday) and I think they have some potential to become my new favorite products for my lip care!

First I tested the lip scrub. I actually only tried lip scrub in my life because I always had small injuries after using it and it was rather harmful for my sensitive skin on my lips than helpful. You apply it on your lips and massage the scrub onto them. After a while you wipe it off or use lukewarm water and get soft lips. I just used it for a few seconds and after I removed the scrub my lips were rosy red and soft. I don’t know yet what will be the long term effect but for rosy and slightly fuller lips the scrub is actually not bad. What makes the difference to other lip scrubs? I guess just the package.

I applied the lip balm right after and first I noticed the sweet gentle smell of honey. Just a light hint of honey, not too sweet as most of the fragranced lip balms tend to. The lip balm is clear, more solid and not too fatty, the case of accidentally putting on too much balm can’t happen with this one. I like how light it feels while it’s giving moisture.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
The sleeping mask has to be on your lips -as the name says – while you sleep, applied before you go to bed. I used it for one night and when I woke up the product was all gone and I wonder if it is my fault by sleeping on my tummy with my face in the pillow or if my lips absorbed all the product. In this case the result would be very negative. My lips were quite dry today and I have some painful cracks on my lips. The cold weather harms my lips and I really need some cure for it! I will give it another chance and will use it again tonight and hope I will not smudge it in my pillow this time. Also I actually were asking myself what is the difference between putting on this sleeping mask and using lip balm before going to bed.

Rilakkuma x A'PIEU
All the products are really cute and not too expensive, but if you are really taking care of what you get for how much money then you can probably find cheaper and better quality ones. But if you like the honey smell and the cute Rilakkuma then I would at least recommend the lip balm as a must have in this collection! (╹◡╹)


  • Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Scrub – 4.000Won
  • Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Balm – 5.000Won
  • Rilakkuma x A’PIEU Honey & Milk Sleeping Pack – 5.000Won

Get your products here!

Thank you for visiting and if you are curious about the lip tints and hand balm I suggest you to visit again soon! (*’▽’*)


Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara

Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara Review!

This time I’ll review the Aprilskin Magic-Cara Mascara that I got last time I visited Myeongdong. These days there’s a big hype about Aprilskin, especially because they opened their first offline store inside the Lotte Young Plaza in Seoul Myeongdong! Many people streamed there to be one of the first people to buy and get incredible discount at the shop. I visited right on their first days when they had a 50% discount offer and got me a few things from the brand. Btw I got a free mirror because I uploaded a picture of my visit on Facebook.

I actually just have one mascara I am using everyday (Dolly Wink) and I thought it’s time for a backup. So I decided to buy the mascara since it is was only 9.000 Won.

The Mascara comes with two brushes: one skinny side and one volume side. I totally dislike the skinny brushes because all I tried so far had no effect on my already quite long black lashes. But this mascara has a volume brush too, so I thought if I don’t like this brush as well I can at least use the volume brush. But it should become my new favorite mascara including the skinny brush!

The Aprilskin Magic-cara is not waterproof and can be removed easily. It stays all day if you don’t rub your eyes or wash your face. I love to wear it for both, day and evening makeup. The It should be applied in two easy steps: 1. use the skinny side for elongate your lashes and define them. Also your lashes stay seperate eventhough you use the volume brush in the 2. step. Also, you can reach the inner smaller lashes and also – if you have round eyes like me – the outer angled lashes. Then as mentioned, the 2. step is the volumizing brush that gives a fuller look. If you want to go for a clear and defined look you can just skip the second step.

I think the Aprilskin Magic-cara is a really good product regarding the price. Sometimes the lashes stick together, especially if I am in a hurry I just quickly apply it, but honestly, is there any volume brush that is perfectly separating the lashes while giving volume? I didn’t find that mascara yet.

Aprilskin Magic-cara Review

What I love:

  • The Quality – Two brushes, two options and a good quality compared to the price
  • The Price – On sale definitely even one of my cheapest mascaras!
  • The Effect – Finally I got volume on my lashes without using falsies!

What I hate:

  • Not Waterproof – I wish they had a waterproof option, too
  • Sticky – Sometimes lashes stick together, but thats not a big problem

Besides my Dolly Wink Mascara the Aprilskin Magic-cara became my favourite mascara for looks with fuller lashes but without false lashes. This product is definitely one I’d say it is really worth its money. And if the ad is true, it is even a product with natural ingredients. (Aprilskin’s slogan is „Solution from Nature“). If you want to buy one but live overseas you can buy one on their website!

I already used it for a while now and created a lot of looks with it.

Thank you for reading! If you need to buy a new mascara – that was my recommendation! See you next time!