Arrived in Seoul

Hey guys I finally arrived in Seoul yesterday. My flight was very comfortable since I was allowed to take a seat in the business class :D after a really long time at the airport I arrived at my room in Gwangjin and I was welcomed by this huge rilakkuma plushy!  

So cute! I could stay in this room forever since the owner is collecting dolls like me! 

Anyway I have to thank my friends for picking me up, it really needed a strong hand to take my luggage to my accommodation. 

My first day in Seoul was really weird. The people are staring at me and I don’t feel like using my Korean at all. I still cannot find the right subway and directions even though I am able to read everything haha. It feels similar to my first time coming here and that time I could speak, read or understand anything. I hope this will change after a few days.. But I had a lot of fun meeting my friend! :D

Let’s see what will happen the next three days! 

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