Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream




It’s been a while! I am a busy student you know…

But today I’m back with a review some of you might be interested in! Lately I often get asked if I could recommend the BB Creams of Etude House and I had to answer that honestly I never tried one of them! And then I decided it’s time for me to finally try it!

I bought the Etude House Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream in #N02 at TokkiHaus.de!

It was a bit more expensive that some other BB Creams I bought, I paid around 19€. But the price isn’t always the poster child for the quality of the products… So let’s study more.

This is the tube:

etude house precious mineral bb cream
It contains 60g, that is a bit more than usual tubes.

The package says „Brightening O K ! Darkening Z E R O !“ – Let’s see if this is true!

etude house precious mineral bb cream
Looks as others. Light texture, a bit more liquid than the Skin79 one’s or the Holika Holika Pore Cover BBCream from my last review.

 etude house precious mineral bb cream
Please excuse my red face, I was exercising before^^‘ here you can see the coverage is quite well, and it brightens up the skin.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Review:


What I love:

  • The Coverage – not too heavy, great for everyday use!
  • The Effect – Brightens up and evens the skin tone even without a base!
  • The Moisturizing – surprisingly moisturizing!
  • The Feeling – light and gentle on the skin, feel very soft after applying it!

What I hate:

  • The Price – Even though the tube contains 60g, it’s the most expensive BB Cream I currently use. But I guess this is a logistic problem^^

I was really surprised how moisturizing this BB Cream is, because when I read the description on TokkiHaus, I thought a „powdery finish“ means dry skin in my case (I have very dry skin and usually don’t use any powdery foundation), but it wasn’t even close to dry! I am using it as my everyday BB Cream these days!
etude house precious mineral bb creametude house precious mineral bb cream

That’s it! Hope I could help you deciding wether to buy or not!

I got so much positive feedback from you these days! Thank you so much! And also thanks to all the loyal follower on Instagram!

Hope to hear from  you again soon~