Circle Lenses: Geo Super Nudy Grey Review

I got my first Circle Lenses: Geo Super Nudy Grey

As I already wrote in the post before, I got my first pair of Circle Lenses, Geo Super Nudy Grey, today with my order from yesstyle.

Circle Lens

Hello! (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Sorry for my posing. I’m wearing my Geo Super Nudy Grey in this picture.

The Geo Lenses came in this:

Circle Lens

The right ones are the Geo Super Nudy Grey. The others will be reviewed soon^^

Circle Lens

This was so hard to open.. and you should be careful not to cut yourself. Always look for this green sticker you can see in the picture. This shows that you purchased original Geo lenses.

The effect of these lenses were a little disappointing for me at the beginning, because they fit exactly my natural eyecolor. But now I think I can wear them like normal color lenses without looking too weird for the „very european“ friends of mine lol

The lens diameter is 14.8 and they look really „natural“ for circle lenses. In the way circle lenses can look „natural“, so far.. So for my light eyes the Geo Super Nudy Grey look „Super Nudy Grey“… haha. But they’ve got the typical black ring. They enlarge my eyes and I feel a bit like a doll. I think the effect on darker eyes isn’t „that“ natural then it is on my eyes. But I really don’t know.

I heard about the Geo Lenses are really drying out after a little time. I didn’t really sleep that much tonight, and so my eyes were a little dry, even before I used the lenses. After 3 hours, my eyes are already that dry, I had to take them off. I will defenitely buy eyedrops for lenses, to wear them a little longer.

The fact is, that I never wore lenses before. So it took a long time for me to get them in my eyes. But finally they were in and then it felt really weird. On my right eye I thought the „hole“ was too small, somehow it felt like they’re ill-sitting. After I slid it a little, there were no blurred outlines anymore.  On the left side it was ok from the beginning.

So, here are some photos of the Geo Super Nudy Grey Lenses:

Circle Lens

Always put on makup AFTER you put in the lenses. So there are no mascara or eyeshadow particle in your way.

Geo Super Nudy Grey

Because I haven’t bought a daylight lamp yet, the window has to do it!

Geo Super Nudy Grey


I enjoyed writing this review, hope you enjoyed reading!


Take care! Much Lovee (。’▽’。)♡



New Bubbi Brushes

New Bubbi Brushes!

Short Review about the new bubzbeauty makeup brush range!

New Bubbi Brushes yay!


Yes, I’m now a proud owner of the full New Bubbi Brushes set! As you may know, bubz is one of my favorite youtuber, so it was a must for me to purchase them. So, they finally found their long way to germany and here they are!


Bubbi Brush Set

For all of you, who doesn’t know bubzbeauty: Lindy Tsang, better known as bubbi, is my favorite makeup-guru and owner of the famous youtube channel bubzbeauty and website bubzbeauty.com and now created her second makeup brush range (click the links to get more information about bubzbeauty).

Excited me visited bubzbeauty’s shop at the date they were released, and shock – the new bubbi brushes set was sold out already. But luckily they got re-stocked soon. Happy me got the chance to order a set of the new bubbi brushes (´∇ノ`*)ノ *hohoho* (although they’re a little expensive for students)..

When the package arrived, I opended it and there was a cute card in it:

New Bubbi Brushes

OMG – so cute as always! And I totally love the colors…lol


Thanks to the long trip, the very beautiful designed package got damaged.. But I think this doesn’t matter.

So here’s the inside:




In Detail:


Eyes: bubbi Dual Eyes; bubbi Eye Contour; bubbi Shader; bubbi Blending; bubbi Smudger; bubbi Detail Brush


Face: bubbi Dual Cover; bubbi Buffer; bubbi HD Flawless; bubbi Sculpting; bubbi Dome; bubbi Powder Brush

They’re made with natural fibers, like the Dome or the Dual Eyes Brush, and with synthetic fibers, like the Powder or the Dual Cover Brush.


I already tried some of her last brush range and I have to say they improved a lot. Not only there are a few new brush types, like the Dome Brush, but also the quality is better than before.


These are the ones I own from the first brush range (Kabuki, Dual Cover, Angled Liner). One of the criteria was the overprint, which easily faded by the use. The new bubbi brushes got it engraved, so it can’t fade away that easy. My Dual Cover Brush lost it’s print as you can see. My Angled Liner Brush’s print is about to fade, I hope you can see the difference in the picture below:



I’m so excited to use them! The brushes are so ultra-soft and clean! (人´∀`*)The bubbi brushes I used before were the best I ever had, so I think these will even do a better job than the old ones. They’re so popular, that the shop has to restock them again and again, so if you want to purchase them, you have to be attentive (next date is the 12th July 2013 at 12 noon EDT). But you can also order the brushes  separately. The only thing you have to do: visit shopbubbi.com.


These babies are definitely „Making Life Bubbiful“ (^_−)☆

Take care everyone (◕‿◕✿)