10 reasons to start exercising

10 reasons to start exercising now!

Today I want to give you 10 reasons to start exercising right now and keep going throughout 2018!

Many of you know I have been struggling with my weight and started exercising, wether it was running or doing a complete workout at the gym. I am not a model nor am I body builder, but I am close to my personal goals and keep improving every time. The main goal for me was to lose weight, but I found other advantages of exercising, too.

1. Losing weight

Yes, after you workout you may look like a model. If you have been one before probably. No, the hard reality is that you need to exercise a long time to see first results on your scale. First you gain weight and many give up at this point already, but you actually already exchanged fat for muscles! If you start exercising regularly and go on a more healthy diet, you’ll lose weight.

2. Firing up your metabolism

Feeling bloated? Last minute exercise is mostly the key to avoid a round belly in your tight dress on new year’s. Exercising helps your body to digest faster and better and helps preventing a bloated tummy. It’s keeping your metabolism up throughout the day.

3. Prevent overeating

You know the feeling of you could be eating all day? A sudden greed for a bag of chips or even a bowl of rice? I noticed myself whenever I completed a workout session I don’t feel like randomly snacking at all. Sometimes I could even let the day pass by without eating after a visit at the gym (which is of course not healthy!!) If I haven’t eaten all day I get hungry even during the workout, but I eat a normal portion and stop eating when I don’t feel hungry anymore. So who works out eats less.

4. Better overall condition

Totally exhausted after those stairs to the next classroom? I know. But with exercising regularly you will feel in a better condition overall.

5. Bye Cellulite

The reason for these ugly little holes in our problem areas is that there’s no tension, not enough hydrated, no muscles, fat. With exercising, reducing fat and building muscles you can naturally lift and strengthen those areas and you will see how it’s getting less after a short while. Of course exercising alone can’t do those miracles, for the best results a healthy diet is a must.

6. Motivation up

Did you know that exercising can make your day a little brighter? If you experience success in exercising it motivates you to reach your goals in other parts of your life, too! Only logical, right? I always felt like I could do big after completing a good workout. I study a lot more since I exercise and my grades went up, too!

7. Feeling stronger

Exercising and getting physically stronger makes you feeling stronger in personality. New confidence, knowing you’re looking great makes you feeling great. I learned how to see the positive things even in bad situations and try to find a solution more effectively than I did when I wasn’t exercising.

8. Better facial skin

Not only cellulite will be improving, also your facial skin, arms, upper body, too! Exercising is turning up your blood circulation, especially in your facial area. Less acne (i don’t promise that though) and a healthier glow is a nice effect and another good reason to exercise. My dark circles look less deep when I exercise.

9. Feeling younger

I am not the youngest anymore but I feel like I am back in my teens again. When I wasn’t really active I felt like everything was hurting, I wasn’t flexible and agile that much anymore. With exercising I improved my flexibility and feel much more energetic than before.

10. Soul Balance

Yeah of course you heard that a lot and maybe even tried it before, exercising or working out can help releasing stress and find an inner balance. And by that I don’t say you need to do yoga or such things, I hate that myself, but to try exercising to learn about your body limits and strengths and to understand it. I never really saw my body as the thing that is carrying around my soul, my mind but with exercising I learnt to have control over my mind and body and for me exercising also became a way to release stress.


I hope you found some motivation to start exercising this year. You don’t have to go to gym and do the hardest workout, also running or a dance class can be the exercise you need and enjoy. Even if you start at the bottom, you can and will improve. I couldn’t run 500m without collapsing and now I can run 10km and more on good days. Keep going and never give up. If you fall, get up and go on. I wish you all the best and keep working hard to achieve your goals in 2018!

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